It also suggests creating a shortcut for commands that are executed frequently. For example, you can try using the following predefined quick lists: PyCharm provides a lot of typing assistance features, such as automatically adding paired tags and quotes, and detecting CamelHump words. Fix highlighted error or warning, improve or optimize a code construct. An IDE debugger lets you change the values of variables at run-time. I tried with pdb and ipdb packages, but it feels so clunky. Enable function keys and check for possible conflicts with global OS shortcuts. Repeat execution with the same settings, with the same tab of the editor having the focus. 1. Find a command and execute it, open a tool window or search for a setting. Now that you’ve coded up the game, it’s time for you to run it. Choose ‘add’ and click on the icon on the top right corner of the menu bar. You have three ways of running this program: Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + F10 on Windows or Linux. F8. Shortcuts; ... Open Debug Configuration. While debugging, open the "Evaluate" window (bound to cmd-; in my configuration). FINXTER PREMIUM. Quickly select run/debug configuration and run or edit it. However, PyCharm offers a smart, visual debugger for multi-threaded applications like Django web apps. Theres also a keyboard shortcut which i can't remember at the moment but you'll see it in the comtext menu when right clicking. Use keyboard shortcuts. Tips and Tricks Using Shortcuts in PyCharm How to Access Academy. Shortcuts can be customized too in the settings. If you have a customized keymap that you are used to, you can transfer it to your installation. You can temporarily mute all the breakpoints in a project to execute the program without stopping at breakpoints. This cheat sheet is also available under Help | Keymap Reference. Shift + F9. After that it will be available in Run→Debug '