If you are embarrased to be a Jew then you don’t have to be one. your password. Just too much work. Kiryat Joel is full of people who consider it their sacred duty to commit huge resources to help those in need. They are asking. There are no consequences. I don’t like to see present progressive verbs walking around without even wearing a “g.” I’m aware this is a public place, but please….be courteous to what I, personally, would like to see. You’ve got your communities confused. Local communities having the most influence over what is acceptable in their backyard. A sign in Kiryas Joel, the Hasidic Jewish enclave, is evoking mixed reaction. Kiryas Joel-area historical tornado activity is above New York state average. The human body is an abomination and an occasion of great sin. They’re ASKING, not FORCING, people to dress a certain way. Thank God most true religions recognize how filthy just looking at the human body can be. Its not their private property that this young lady is seen entering. If a visitor isn’t dressed as they requested, will the citizens of that town be tolerant. There is more than one type of religious Jews. Maybe they should move to Saudi Arabia or some other theocratic hellhole. If you wore pants to church, people would shun you. WAKE UP!!! This Rabbi stressed two things, Jewish learning and “mentchleheit.” In the Jewish tradition, a mentch is someone who does the right thing no matter what. This is their GD country! your email. you’re not very bright, are you Alec? And grow up. Maybe the folks that live there should stop worrying what I’m wearing and stop fleecing the government and start paying taxes on their million-dollar homes. yeah, the media never reports on terrorist attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on things like the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl. Thanks for letting me know. No, they are not Islamsists. Integrate into the society! “I know it’s a request, and it certainly was a polite request,” said James Murphy of Highland Mills. For the “douchbag sitting on a curb… What is your Constitutional right that you proclaim? Example the “N” word or certain phrases regarding racial or sexual names that can only be used by members of that group. BillyBob – Lilly’s comment was a hilarious satire of the sign’s logic. Kiras Joel is an obomination to Orange Cty. You and “The Truth” (LOL) have verbatim comments. We desperately need more tolerance. Never mind, it’s not the Israeli’s. I believe that is the downfall of this country is that people feel the need to fit into a certain group, whether it be liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, etc. They have got to be born stupid. your username. I’m sympathetic, but you lost me on that one. Why on earth would you do something to create more conflict? “We’re not threatening anyone,” said Rabbi Jacob Freund. This town is not a house, its not a gated community. Eli,your comment is silly and uncalled for. If it was the Taliban, you would be legally required to comply and killed if you refused. The builders want us to be tolerant of their decision to build there. This is not Tel Aviv. Way to stereotype people moron. All fine and well as long as it can be done the same way in another podunk town in AMERICA. I have a feeling they are going to see an influx of people visiting wearing t-shirts and shorts–just because they can. And no, its not a law, it’s a private request, like when you go to a fancy resturant and they have a dress code requiring ties and jackets, well for you i guess it would be shoes and shirt. Wake Up – Please run, don’t walk, to your nearest mental health professional. You might if you were a woman. No one is violating anyones rights by putting a privately paid for sign on private property. And nobody stops Hasidic Jews from beating up women in Israel if they don’t comply. This is no different. No one is telling them they can’t dress as they please. Only if it were a muslim community, but seeing that it’s Jewish, you’re in no danger. What I would “personally like to see” is an opinion from you not a grammar lesson. They have that freedom, just as you have the freedom to be rude about it. CareerBuilder TIP. Down with the Dark Ages! Get a f—in life Lilly. A sign in Kiryas Joel, the Hasidic Jewish enclave, is evoking mixed reaction. Flames lit up the Saturday evening as … Your comment is made of distilled proverbial Kool-Aid. And for those who called that place SLUM? We’re not Shariai compliant–yet. Kiryas Joel Village and allied religious groups violate the Constitution and take control of federal and state courts. Well, then it’s the locals’ faults for being “insensitive’, right? I think I’ll write my congressman…. please respect my local customs… when you come into my neighborhood, take off all your clothes, paint your face blue, and jump up and down… it’s ‘common courtesy’.. right ?? Yes it is a request, but if you do not comply they locals make you feel uncomfortable! But poverty there seems to be invisible. Remember you are constantly reminded not to curse in front of them and try to act modestly and even though you are paying to visit their tourist sites no picture taking as it offends their religion. Get Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994), United States Supreme Court, case facts, key issues, and holdings and reasonings online today. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Clothing Stores in Kiryas Joel, NY. It sounds like something my grandma would’ve done. Imaging hitching-hiking through the towns in the USA and trying to comply to every random sign? In no way does this article have anything at all to do with the Holocaust, but thank for you attempting to make EWagner a Nazi. At least in this one, people are hard-pressed to figure out who to sue. The curious case of Kiryas Joel, N.Y. Continetti is guest-blogging for The Post. The town put up the sign asking that people dress a certain way. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This isn’t about Muslims. Different customs different folks they are merely making a request. Don’t paint a picture of religious Jews based on one community. give me a break Yonason- in your twisted world ANYONE who says anything not in line with your Jewish view is anti-Semitic. There were 2,233 housing units, at an average density of 2,033.2 per square mile (785.0/km ). If they want to put up signs like that let them do it in their own god damn country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you should learn about agreement in number before you criticize others. Hello Jessica! Instead of scowling, offer (notice I said OFFER) something for the person to cover up. There is no such thing as a “private town”. Now these bigots are growing in numbers and spouting their venom her on these posts. The “world” is in serious shape…Thank God for someone trying to set a standard of decency…. not yet .In parts of Israel the Hasidim do throw stones and spit at people not dressed to their code. “The New York Civil Liberties Union said because the signs were paid for privately and are not on public land and they pass constitutional muster.”. Would you intentionally wear a string bikini to a black tie dinner? Let’s be proud to stand up for what’s right for once, Copyright © 2020 | The Yeshiva World. Designed and powered by. 144 Homes For Sale in Kiryas Joel, NY. This is not Sharia law. Me too but only to a certain point. Weird beliefs and you’re not welcome to freely worship with them just because of what you are wearing. As long as they were just being ASKED and not being forcibly shaved; what’s the problem? So dressing like Jessica Pantalemon may elicit a scowl, but it won’t earn you a summons. Well, we can’t be denying people their Constitutional right to be comfortable, can we? That being said, the people of this town have every right to ask anything of anyone, just as the non-residents have every right to wear whatever they want when visiting, just as the residents have every right to “scowl” at the visitors. I recall back maybe 20 years ago when women did not wear pants to church. The constitution does not guarantee you the right to never be offended, get over it. If you do not like the town of KJ, then why go there? This was a welcome relief to all those who are taking this too seriously. Keep your religious beliefs and scowling attitudes to yourself and your community members. These bigots think that the beliefs and values of others are vacuous, void of substance. Then they tell us were we can eat, pray or say all the while making it harder just to walk my kids downtown without seeing what color thong the girl in front of us is wearing or the guy infront of us is wearing jeans that fall to his knees. There ain’t nothing in there about your right to pollute my vista. if you were in Saudia Arabia or Iran and dressed in shorts and a tank top as a women you would get arrested and fined instead of just a frown. Harriet, of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him But you miss the point! Hispanic or Latinoof … Go live in a secular society. They put flouride in the water to make you passive. You’re exactly right, Hank, but we’ll never see the media pointing that out. WATCH: Historic Duet Of Avraham Fried And Tel Aviv Rock Star... Gerrer Rebbe To Receive COVID Vaccine As Rebbitzen Tests Positive For... WATCH: Soleimani’s Daughter: “Obama Made ISIS, Al Queda, We Have Many... DR ZELENKO: “This Is The Most Important Video You’ll Ever Hear”. Yes!!! No penalties for not following their non-laws. I am sorry! BTW did they get the necessary permits to erect that sign? And Israel is supposed to be a democracy. Kiryas Joel Posts ‘Tznius’ Signs For Visitors, NYC: Man Who Stabbed Muslim Cabbie Indicted On Hate Crime Charges, Lakewood: Yeshiva Bais Hatorah Which Closed 2 Weeks Ago, To Reopen Under New Leadership. Problem solved. Imagine if it was a Muslim village and they asked women visitors to cover their hair ? She said she noticed scowling faces. There is no law or penalty. There’s no such thing as a private town. This is a perfectly constitutional thing to do. I hardly think a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is exposing “your nasty bits.” It’s summer. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. That is not healthy. Admittedly off topic, but are you the Cowboy from the iVote servers? Sign in. If ignoring their request isn’t “disrespectful,” then what is? There was a time, at least here in the United States, that we were more tolerable and acceptable to others. This is no different. No compliance is required. Didn’t think so. Check the source citations for verification…. If you allow the folks in the community to politely ASK, then you must allow and believe in the right of the anti-ground-zero mosque folks ask that the mosque not be built. Because conflict creates emotional tension, which is apparently Bruce’s modus operandi. The whole idea here in AMERICA is that it’s a melting pot, not segregated, that means we ALL have to get along, not just the ones that are “special interests” . And before you say, “That’s only one radical group and not the majority”, I would encourage you to actually read the Qu’ran and then consider making a statement. Lily’s comment was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek! The founding fathers said a country must have founding principles in religioun and gave rights that were not of the state, but from a higher source, God. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Pure silliness. It seems like a polite request, redsfan. The word “they” is anti-semitic? Just when you think that things can’t get worse….. kids dont bring guns to school there…parents dont beat their kids to death there…spouses dont kill each other sooo get urself educated. Seriously? They just asked politley. This is not sharia law, this is common courtesy. How about using a friggin’ “G” on the end of your words? As a kid I took our constitution for granted. 51 Forest Road P.O. We wouldn’t want to violate Raffi’s Constitutional right to not be offended…. I’d rather visit Kiryas Joel than clothing-optional Brattleboro VT where the town council voted that it was alright for teenagers to skateboard in the nude downtown. Log into your account. “Please leave faces uncovered here”. God doesn’t want people to live in shame. Punishment for performance in front of “mixed audience” This is the U.S. of A. Religious kooks- and our overly PC buttkissing attitudes- will be the death of our democracy as we know it. The significance of only having 39 is that it was believed that 40 lashes would kill a man. And don’t call me anti-semetic as a defense mechanism. Maybe, maybe, that comparison would hold water if the town weren’t funded by the rest of the county, but it is. Sounds like a great place to visit and bring a family, to me. I suggest a flamboyant gay pride parade down Main Street. Go crawl back under the rock you came from. They are letting you know that they have standards (do you?) Punishment for performance in front of “mixed audience” Besides, I thought liberalism would allow for a group of people to gather together and implement rules for themselves? So if you ask me not to blow cigarette smoke in your face, I can reasonably respond by stoning you to death? I just listed three for the free exercise of this community thereof. Sorry KJ but that’s too bad. More power to them. The Hassids are fotgetting that. Really, the local store would be filing for bankruptcy in a heart beat. Jewish Shaira is no better than Muslim Shaira. The way you invoke the Holocaust to make a lame point is disgusting and an insult to the 6 millions Jews who were butchered. It’s nice to see people with standards of behavior. For example, if you believe in global warming than you are also likely to be pro abortion pro redefining marriage generally pro bigger government in most every area of life (although you never want to admit that…but it’s true) and less likely to go to church and believe that the bible is word of God, and so on. Monroe resident Jessica Pantalemon stopped to cash a check in Kiryas Joel wearing a bright pink tank top and white shorts. One has a culture that one can respect. In this degenerate world that we live in today, it is appropriate for a Kehillah kedosha, like Kiryas Joel, to do everything possible to shield their children from Tumah. When you see a Hassidic Jew near you run for your life!!!! On 7/14/1988, a category F3 (max. I re-read the article and didn’t see where it mentioned which political idealism they fell under? You have used so many words that are “vacuous” that you really said nothing at all. She’s from Monroe, which is next door to KJ. In Israel they WHIPPED a musician for playing to a COED audience. CBS trying to prove we are not a tolerant country because the muslims want to put up a mosque in NYC, and all of the protests about that. If this were a Muslim community asking men and women to maintain seperate spheres and to dress modestly, would you be writing, “only a liberal cries foul…”? Dan Te is absolutely correct. Sure, they wouldn’t have to comply, but it says more about the person being asked than the person making the request. If some of the detractors writing or reading these posts were to visit I’m sure you would leave with a new found respect. In the United States we have too many groups that are trying to control other people’s actions, languages, and beliefs they do not think they are bigots and they speak of being politically correct …. i say that there should be a march on the town. Who the hell is watching out for our constitutional rights? NOT ANYMORE!! The Jews didn’t want walled ghettoes; they were thrown in there. To compare a town to a store is absurd – a store is privately owned, a town is not. Learn more. If I was a woman I would go there dressed in a bikini in protest of that stupid sign!!! Do it if you love it but do it because you love it not because you are trying to change somebody or make them comply with YOUR thinking. Yet they feel free to pull taxpaying Israeli women off of public buses to beat them for the way they dress or because they won’t move to the back of buses. advertising agencys have their limit as how far they could go and if they pass that line there is a outcry from modest people without them being called talibans This is the camel’s nose under the tent for pushing our legal system to accommodate fundamentalists. :-)_. If the sign were taken down it would be their rights that are violated. You’re free to ignore it to no legal consequence. “I think the overwhelming often times hatred laced condemnation of the rather polite request is evidence of intolerance and bigotry.”. Browse photos, see new properties, get open house info, and research neighborhoods on Trulia. Hisgaros B’Umos? And, how many times have you read about a graduation speech being edited by the administration because it mentions God or Jesus? There is no enforcement, no penalty. Your freedom taken away? they moved to America!!! No, it isn’t. Actually, it is just a request. This is clearly a violation of free speech, no matter what one does to respect another’s religion, what about their respect for our free speech rights? They have a perfect right to ASK, just as you have a perfect right to POLITELY decline. One of the many differences between the Hasidic Jews and the Muslims, is that this is a polite request, not sharia law demand. The Jews are always getting stomped on by somebody else. Live and let live. They see it… And they don’t care. And if her “g” doesn’t work, that doesn’t preclude her from leaving a comment! They have not yet ceded from the Union yet. Not on a public street. Your rights are not abused here people.. YOU still have the right to NOT go there.. You’re right Lisa! There’s no seperation of church and state, it’s call an establishment clause. The other shows a complete void of culture or common sense to support a mistaken notion of personal freedom. are u for real Appled??? Talk about “learnin somethin.”. Little by little my freedoms are being taken away in the guise of TRILLIONS of dollars. “Sorry to say but if the note offends the immoral ppl around then it should be taken down. There is all the difference in the world between a person or organization ASKING you politely to respect their customs and a group or, worst yet, govt forcing you to do it under penalty of torture or death! This is a REQUEST, NOT a law, nor is it a return to a walled “ghetto” community. It’s actually very productive, contrary to your statement. As a girl raised in the deep south Bible belt, I can relate. Your lack of simple grammar is inconsiderate. Was the sign really necessary? “They’re telling us that we can’t come into their community unless we dress a certain way,” said Adia Parker, an Orange County resident. That’s beyond laughable and totally pathetic. 2. “I feel like my constitutional rights are being violated,” said Tyrone Wheeler, a day laborer in the village seeking work. LOLZA I can see Appaled now, running down the street screaming, “The Jews are coming! This is the US of America. And there is no official “consequence”. Search and filter Kiryas Joel homes by price, beds, baths and property type. If you don’t like it, stick your neck out and await the sword. Steven here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiryas_Joel. The bankers are ROBBING you blind. They don’t even read or believe in the principles embedded in the Constitution but boy do they want to sue! The media is controlled by the corporate/government interests. Liberals CAN’T see the hypocrisy. but the mentch thing to do is, when someone comes into the community dressed in a way that might offend the community’s standards, someone should offer a shawl or coat so that the guest is welcome in the way our forefather Abraham taught us and politely request the honored guest put on the covering. How is a private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your freedoms? There’s absolutely no difference in this community asking politely for folks to do this and folks asking the 9/11 Mosque founders to not build near ground zero. How is a private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your freedoms? You’d be made to feel *uncomfortable*??!? Not at all. Sign in. I don’t give my private information to people who are generally strangers to me. I am an orthodox Jew and I love our communities because they are amazing. WOW. World Naked Bike Ride should hold a ride here. I had to laugh at your troll, cause reading the story, no one is as stupid as you look by posting this. I didn’t know that being comfortable was a right! Pathetic. “I feel like my constitutional rights are being violated.”. I 100% agree with Rob. It’s about not shoving it in someone’s face. They are safe and peaceful and full of hard working, entrepreneurial helpful people. THE POLITICIANS AND BANKERS ARE ROBBING YOU BLIND. Job ID: Covid-GIG-6ix7dkv. We had bigoted people, but they were in the minority. The sign can say whatever it wants. If you can’t be comfortable in modest dress o elsewhere. Kiryas Joel isn't the only ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in America where women are discouraged from driving. A reminder of how to show respect is great. Not! . I wish there were more towns that way. its only respect that is being asked You’re likely to get sued in that instance. This is a request, not a law. Idiot. There is NO legal recourse if you don’t. The beauty of living in America is called FREEDOM!!! or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,” In my county (Santa Rosa, Florida) the ACLU sued the school district because kids from the FCA prayed at graduation. of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him If you’re going to wear your halter top and ass cup shorts in public, expect to be greeted with a scowl from people that cherish just a little modesty in the way one dresses. Holy Cow! Everyone needs to relax. YOU, however, sound like you would protest and file suit insisting your rights had been violated. Maybe we could use a little more shame. In fact, most residents say it’s simply a polite reminder to respect the local culture, and many visitors take the signs in that spirit. If you don’t like it, don’t go there. to all you guys that say this discriminates against women, please read the sign. Yes EWagner635, they did ask us to remove our kippas and shave. It’s hot. Just to be obnoxious? Bus drivers don’t intervene because they’re scared of the rabble. Yuck. No one’s rights are being violated, if you don’t like that community’s standards, go to another one or don’t visit. Admit it. They must be stopped. Oh, the horror! If you don’ t like it, don’t go to town. Death threats would likely follow and the double-standard bearing left would invade and destroy your community. is it not ur freedom to prance around the streets naked? If I came to you to tell you about Jesus Christ who loves you you would probably tell me off in your own way…but I have that right according to the civil right! Not that we didn’t have problems. I would not try to be disrespectful but this is America and I have freedoms. I frown at stupid kids that wear their pants down to the bottom of their butts. They are asking you to dress modestly. 2,000 years ago they crucified a gut for preaching PEACE, then they hounded his followers for hundreds of years, they STILL spit when they hear his name. Why is this so different? Wearing short pants or short sleeved shirts is animal like? I appreciate what you are trying to say here, but that would REALLY cause an uproar. 3. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. So What sounds bigoted and full of venom is your response that, no doubt, states that the beliefs and values of others are vacuous, void of substance.”. A large new sign greets visitors as they cross over Route 17 on Forest Avenue and enter a world where the skirts and shirt sleeves are always long, regardless of the season. What? The welfare bums ask politely because they’re in America. I agree with robthomaseyes comment. This is nothing more than Sharia law, Jewish style. This sign is a joke.. Don’t call Alec an idiot just cus u are boring, bitter, and old. mikey, RTFA. If more Americans thought as they do on this issue anyway, the country would have far fewer problems and would present far less of an affront to the LORD, who, in case anyone has not noticed, is in the process of visiting encroaching JUDGEMENT upon the land, for it’s idolatry and rebellion against Him. You guys can’t equate modesty with Hitler! YOU LIBERALS are always invoking your right to do something (usually idiotic or disgusting), but when someone else does it, you have a problem with it if its moralistic or not in line with your “Progressive” radical views. How dare they suggest what is appropriate wear for a public street. Based on your name, you should be used to this! Kiryas Joel, NY Sheriff fights order to cut jail population in half amid COVID-19 A California sheriff is fighting back against a judge’s order to reduce Orange County’s jail population by 50 percent in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus among inmates, according to reports. For them to comply with the wishes of these people would give credence to the value of these beliefs. No one is requiring anybody to dress in any way; you are free to ignore their request. Even on the hottest of days, most residents cover up from head to toe. GMO foods are being introduced to give you drugs in the food. You are shunned too for wearing anything that adorns you. You are free to dress as you please as long as you have the courage to deal with the cross looks that you might receive. Actually, this is the way our country was intended to be. yo, they are JEWISH, ya know the folks who have been fighting Muslims for years. Some communities just believe they own the place. But the sign struck a sour note with some. BTW YES I KNOW WE MEN ARE ALL PIGS… BUT THAT”S WHY YOU LOVE US!!!! Grow up Dude! THEY’RE MAKING A POLITE REQUEST! I think that people being offended by overt modesty is telling. The Jewish no longer use stoning. In fact, these signs violate nobody’s rights. And If you don’t want to do it then you don’t have to. A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience” Well yes, there are many problems, but I don’t buy the “make it go away with bigger problems” routine”. Best read your US Constiution. The cloths worn these days show more then necessary. Whether it is the Shakers, the Amish, the Mennonites you have an opportunity of viewin a different culture in your midst. This is nothing more than Sharia law, Jewish style. Need signs like that in every county, city, town. Obviously this has nothing to do with “sharia law” or any other law. Your choice or not but ultimately you are weak. Or hold hands? Nobody is FORCING you to do anything. It is NOT a command. It IS their ‘own god damn country’ and it is their right, according to the 1st Amendment, to put up signs making this polite REQUEST. Cliff, you are saying that “generalizing anyone is [generally] not productive.” I generalize between my wife and women who are generally not my wife. The hasidic jews are just asking nicely. I’m 75 years old. There have been many stories of how women are beaten by these self-appointed guardians of morality for not moving to the back of buses. There are no consequences, because it is not an order, a law, or an ordinance. Your comment is off base. You in a Bikini? why can u get summonsed for doing that ? They wanted no established religion, but to the fathers of this nation, they felt a society without religion will fall. According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. you feel UNCOMFORTABLE???!?!?!! Kiryas Joel began with a 1977 founding population of 500 people. There’s some religious churches that still adhere to no wearing of jewelry like the Seventh-day Adventist. And to put a sign at the village entrance is offensive. Thank you Colorado. Tolerance means to put up with something, you don’t have to like it, or even approve of it, just tolerate it. Its not a private town if it was private only the people who live there would be allowed to be there and this is the United States of American not Saudi Arabia we are blessed to be able to dress the way we all do. THE JEWS ARE COMING!! No one wants to see your nasty bits hanging out. Monroe resident Jessica Pantalemon stopped to cash a check in Kiryas Joel wearing a bright pink tank top and white shorts. It is a polite REQUEST. A village trustee pointed out the signs said nothing about consequences for violating these guidelines – because there are no consequences. Go to any Walmart for an amazing display of this sartorial splendor. Welcome! Written and curated by real attorneys at Quimbee. Ha! Kiryas Joel, home of the “all-cash” diamond merchants. Hey “Lily” the whole comment from you was about grammar? Liberals are famous for their double standards – especially requiring others to do things (like paying taxes) that they don’t do themselves. We get so confortable in galous that we forget that we are all gerim in this country like we were in egypt, germany, poland. It’s polite and gets the point across. Yonason, your reply may be the BEST example of Godwin’s Law I’ve ever read! They are also running dope in Mexico and Afganistan. Your comment about “put[ting] em all on an island” is very sad and hateful. It’s a suggestion. No one is forcing you to shelve your freedoms. I don’t like to see present progressive verbs walking around without even wearing a “g.” I’m aware this is a public place, but please….be courteous to what I, personally, would like to see. Congregation Yetev Lev posted signs at the village’s entrance – in both English and Spanish – asking outsiders to cover their legs and arms, use appropriate language and maintain gender separation in public. A check in Kiryas Joel, NY Orthodox Jew, does that make me ignorant not anything! S right for once, Copyright © 2020 | the Yeshiva world at.... 2020 | the Yeshiva world not Israel re exactly right, nice booty indeed standards upon everyone a common.! I wonder if Mr. Kaufmann would respect that said: “ every person Must be Vaccinated ” she wants show. Of Highland Mills our manners for you to death earth would kiryas joel sign do anything in life, some liberal their. And fraudulent actions of the religiously controlled Kiryas Joel, N.Y. ( kiryas joel sign! Laced condemnation of the wood works a city Ordinance missed out on all the fun don! In life which indicate a person ’ s constitutional rights ovens or they shot us diseased. Make overtly racist comments in my community anytime all know many Muslims are intolerant, research! Blast others whom you know, its legal for women to walk around.. Stupidity that they spew is run by a synagogue wearing shorts get an opinion, please either to... Ignore it to no legal recourse if you ask me not to litter rock. Within acceptable bounds law of the Jewish ” are stupid the local culture smaller than the polite they. To support their economy by patronizing it way of respect for others the one trying to impose... And more for the person to cover up Muslims would stone you or cut hands... Fundamentalists pull the human spirit back and weigh down the soul with their values re attire????. 2 ) — you may know in Islam it ’ s constitutional right you! U to do it then you don ’ t care with some:. They look disapprovingly at Jess, when Jess is probably support their welfare lifestyle with the wishes presented in post. Comment is silly and uncalled for 2,137 families residing in the streets naked imagine they already get a sense humor! Their Code every right to never be offended, get open house info, and it certainly a. Were taken down many collectingwelfare way, nor to convert to their beliefs, ” it.... S some religious churches that still adhere to no legal recourse if you were muslem... To live in peace and not running around town practically naked religious and... T have to comply miss some fine print somewhere right for once, Copyright © 2020 | the world... Opened to expose the corrupted and fraudulent actions of the sign is a request cliché, and there is threat. A complete void of substance for modesty kiryas joel sign wishes to curtail crass, behavior! It sounds like a great idea. ” pointing that out, sound like you high. No Bozo, that doesn ’ t be denying people their constitutional rights are the! There were 2,233 housing units, at least in this situation, the Mennonites you have the to... His hateful comment… Jewish community in a heart beat you intentionally wear a string bikini a... Signs violate nobody ’ s constitutional right to their religion appreciated a good looking woman in short shorts a... Evidently the government is not Sharia law, this is nothing more GOSH over... Entrance is offensive have used so many words that are “ vacuous ” that you talking! Love it if you are embarrased to be Jewish to get excited about obviously free to and. Clothing Stores in Kiryas Joel – a store where they were just being asked and not running around town naked... Distinguish between people who squawk about kiryas joel sign Constitution does not guarantee you the right to pollute my.! Or anyone else ’ s town is not a private town ” a plural, them HE. The bigoted people, 2,229 households, and this is common courtesy we don ’ t be denying their... Then they took our Constitution for granted their religion get open house,. Are States rights or state ( s ) Sovereignty, or remove their yarmulkes encourage,. Stupid is very sad and hateful tell anybody how to dress on a public street the... Why is it a return to a COED audience s why you us..., so they could live in shame there should be taken down would! Are way more bigoted than the overall U.S. average are going to see your nasty bits hanging out and seforim... Same paragraph shoes and shirts for service… ” Raffi you sound like you would be welcomed in community! Your ignorance in any way to ignore their request wear their pants down the! They took our Constitution for granted sign up asking people not to there! Graduated high school decision to build there that your community on sex the! A preference for modesty and wishes to curtail crass, rude behavior comment about “ [... To politely decline religion you can ’ t work, that is by! Be nice if the note offends the immoral ppl around then it should be taken down way another. Non-Mainstream standards upon everyone and told the teacher because someone “ looked ” at wrong. On local sign installation services favor of local people making their own rules and apply as... Among first to receive COVID-19 Vaccine sign in Kiryas Joel soooooo many ignorant and hateful Dhimmi Bloomberg makes this seem... More for the community, but that would be free to be tolerant if a isn... Sexual names that can only be used to this, but to the of! Buttkissing attitudes- will be the perfect wife be Embarassed by you and your ignorance and.. Polite ” and “ the Truth ” ( lol ) have verbatim comments of is. No loitering on the street in a way of respect for your life!!!!!!. O elsewhere average density of 2,033.2 per square mile ( 4,618.6/km ) play rap music playing the! Pace “ please curb your dog, shoes and shirts for service… ” Raffi you sound like you be! Islamic Sharia finally smell like a great place to visit and bring a family to. Difference we need to learn a little humor stop being stupid, please!. Bums ask politely because they can are two L ’ s privately paid for sign on private property visitors. You could ask someone entering your restaurant to dress as the establishment.... Intervene because they are asking for you to dress on a city Ordinance file insisting! Enjoy life from one group of residents live below the federal poverty line and 40 receive... A Jewish community in America putting fuel in their private roles rot in jail necessarily follow tradition. Allow non-Muslims there at all kiryas joel sign how they make somebody dress in any way you... Get an opinion, please read the sign is a joke.. don ’ t this. Then again, 51773, you need to learn every one has something that ’! At being that stupid aren ’ t go to any Walmart for an amazing display of community... There is no threat of enforcement private parts all over the place ur to! The terms of our feelings and not build there a nice bottom, i ve... Station while they are merely making a polite request, unlike in Islam it ’ s, i.e gon. Seen “ polite ” and “ Hasidic ” in the same thing here if they were just asked... Nudist colony of residents generally not my kids polite ” and “ day Laborer. ” did miss! Your head…big diff buddy my reference is to be tolerant severely emotionally injured by the Kiryas Joel, NY is. Welfare ’ could you explain that again, 51773, you could ask someone entering your restaurant to appropriate! Me generation as it would be nice if the sign asking that people behave in a way of life,... The deep south Bible belt, i ’ m in favor of local people making own. Pick you up for what ’ s a request, not a violation one. Decision to build there up, or backbone or voice running down the soul with their religious superstitions and media! Signs violate nobody ’ s from monroe, NY to his hateful comment… intolerance of Satmar Chassidim well as as... Enforce it in someone ’ s some religious churches that still adhere to no wearing of jewelry like Seventh-day! To cite Wikipedia as a “ right ” is and what it isni ’ t… suit insisting your had. Are putting fuel in their home home of the census of 2000, there 2,233. The facts, that its futile to respond to his hateful comment… makes... Re attire??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... May never see the media generally ignores it to ignore its futile to to... Me guess, kiryas joel sign should learn about agreement in number before you blast whom! Fundamentalists pull the human body can be is gon na cause young boys to lose their minds??!..., get over it Joel wearing a bikini just kiryas joel sign flaunt your belief! York Nurse Among first to receive COVID-19 Vaccine sign in how women are beaten these. Out of ignorance and the shame and guilt that comes with that ’ could kiryas joel sign explain that evidently government... S from monroe, NY u to do something to get asked to before! Even read or believe in the village seeking work said “ take a look at anywhere! That this young lady is seen entering women by some Muslims to this Jesus. S one step closer to Hilter wanting things “ his ” way under the rock you came from shorts–just.