Fixed a bug in the Math channels calculations. User selectable additional power hold time. Fixed a bug caused some RealTime Data values to include some strange character set. Fixed a bug which caused unintentional error code 97 during ECU power on. Here at Celtic Tuning we have developed a full range of Suzuki ECU Remapping and Chip tuning services for old and new models alike. RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tuning. Update to add support for more RT values. Fixed a bug where rescaling did not work when setting Fuel acc enrich as the 4D source axis. Added min RPM settings for the VVT control. New RealTime Data value: Clutch switch active. New OEM CAN protocol: E38 ECM (Corvette C6). More settings for PDM Turn signal control/”Hazard warning lights” can be now be activated by holding left and right buttons for 1 sec in button mode. Fixed a bug where the log viewer didn't keep the selected data on screen when zooming. Fixed a bug where the secondary hold function on CAN keypad did not work as expected. Added realtime values for AFR, active launch control, antilag and gearcut. Dragracing traction control. Surface 3D: Change selection with SHIFT+arrow keys. Power adder control system added the the Power management system to add/remove boost or nitrous depending on speed deviation. Audi - Audi A6 2.7 TDI 180hp Delivered on 20-11-2020 Drag zoom and scale lines added to the Log viewer. A representation of how far off the VE-table is. Option for the anti-lag system to directly control final ignition angle. Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading very old tune-files. BMW DCT gearbox control: Improved TCU speed Source (DYNO mode) to be able to shift without a speed sensor on the dyno. New RealTime Data Value: Speed limiter active. CAN inputs (advanced) - Receive CAN data from external electronics and use in MaxxECU, such as OEM vehicle buttons. Advanced warning system; Moved the settings pages to limits/warning and added options for engine cut only on certain channels. BMW DCT gearbox control: New and updated DCT Realtime Data values. Fixed a bug causing a table to show incorrect data when a 4D page is removed when it's in viewable. MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as well as the LibreEMS EFI system and the JimStim ECU stimulator/development tool. Optimized for advanced ignition spark, air/fuel ratio, transmission and various other parameters for the ultimate power gains and improved mpg. Fast, easy, reliable and available 24/7… Since around 2005, the newer outboard engines have been … RomRaider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern Subaru Engine Control Units and some older Nissan and BMW M3 (MS41 /42/43) DME. Improved fuel calculation resolution and changed a few fuel RT-values to µsec resolution. Fixed a bug where some trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI did not work properly. Two more Trailing ignition outputs added. Automatically searches for new versions when online, If you want the best performance for your car - and we know you do - you also need a wide range of setting options. Fixed a bug where Math channels didn't show the correct settings. Primary and Secondary injectors 9-12 are selectable on general output config. Fixed a bug when updating 108 tunes in imperial mode. Fixed a bug where online log recording could be started before the ECU was connected (and the default tune was added as the tune file). New user defined Lambda sensor (0-5v external lambda controller). Added Minimum engine run time option to the advanced warning system. Added resolution settings for AIN (0-5V), AIN (temperature), Math channels and CAN Inputs to allow different number of decimals. Fixed a bug caused the calculated ACC calculated speed to show a 10x to high speed. Fixed a bug where the PDM could turn off always on outputs set to OFF during CAN errors (PDM Output default states), which was the default settings. Fixed a bug where the max cut time in shiftcut was not stored properly. Locked cells cant be changed by the autotuner or by key shortcuts. Adjusted start-up thresholds for the Rover K-series (lotus elise) 1.8 trigger. Fixed a bug where the shortcut key did not work to get to the MTune Start page. Fixed a bug where the boost limiter error code showed after an firmware update on the MaxxECU RACE. Support for more character types in user AIN names, Input for analog ethanol concentration sensors, Option to input TDC angles for each cylinder (for odd-fire engines), Manual mode for controlling fuel and ignition output distribution, Transmission control: The RPM difference setting is ignored when the value is 0, Option to use fixed color scheme in log viewer (right click menu), Feature to set a zero point in logs to simplify comparing logs (great for dragracing), Ability to connect to the existing vehicle CAN system and read values that can be used in MaxxECU, Option to use thermocouples type N on EGT-inputs, Option to ignore missing 12V2 for MaxxECU PRO, Fixed a bug where closed boost target table 2 didn't get used correctly in 3 table mode, Analog AC pressure input for compressor control, Honda S2000 (F20C) trigger and CLT output, Fixed installation of drivers on Windows 10. Added an option to the Launch control to directly control the output ignition angle (instead of retard) with a table. We are a market leader for remapping and chip tuning across a range of over 6,000 cars, vans, motorhomes, truck and tractors and are the UK … Bug fix: PW on injectors in RealTime Data, Output states was wrong when fuel cylinder adjustment was activated. Added options to add/remove many items at the same time in the bottom data view in MTune. Fixed a bug causing incorrect scales of CAN Inputs values assigned to some input functions (wheel speed for example). Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction to not work if the activate above rpm was set to the minimum value of exactly 2000 rpm. Flash Tune believes everyone deserves the same tuning technology that was once reserved for factory riders. A test version of the new Power management system added, which replaces the old After Launch Power Limit (ALPL) system. New Starter motor input for the Starter motor control output function. We are the UK’s largest ecu programming service dealer group/franchise with over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. Added option to delay Lambda sensor warmup (and error detection). Fixed a bug where is wasn't possible to import tables in locked tune-files. Presets in the log-viewer. New trigger: Subaru 2-teeth cam/vvt trigger. BMW DCT gearbox control: New blip delay function added. Option to hide infrequent trigger errors. Save and load predefined groups of values, Optional filtering of MAP, TPS and RPM (in the ECU), Warning for high EMI levers (for example when using non resistor plugs), Inverted output for PWM fuel pump, also selectable frequency, Logged ignition angle does no longer include triggerdelay, Support for VR-sensors on DIN 1 and 2 (only rev7+ units), Support for 118 log channels (only rev7+ units), Option to add ignition adjustments to idle ignition angle, Increased number of ”Virtual Digital Inputs” to 6, Increased number of ”User outputs” to 10, Fixed causing lambda curves not showing up in the logs, Easy access to advanced RealTime Data by a simple mouse click, CAN for OEM protocols, OBDII and CAN dash, Live tuning - No need to burn changes - instant save, Standard missing tooth (60-2, 36-1). Fixed a bug that caused incorrect temperature values when selecting predefined temp sensors in US imperial mode. Added options to trigger the Trigger oscilloscope from TDC on any cylinder. Fixed a bug where the RT-value Knock correction accumulated showed incorrect values. Option to start the Time after launch timer when the ECU senses a wheel speed using the Power Management System instead of requiring a button input. Added option to reprogram the Blinkmarine CAN keypads default CAN protocol, Keypad setup. Fixed bug with simultaneous fuel injection. Manual ignition adjustment must be done. Bug fix: MTune crash when clicking on error codes in the top of MTune in some cases. Fixed a bug making tables to narrow when rescaling tables. Fixed a bug where lambda A and B showed 0.000 instead of Warmup during warmup. Added option to select Driven, Undriven or VSS as deactivation condition for the Launch control. MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as … CAN IDs are now shown as hexadecimal. Added option to use a table to set a the locked idle ignition advance. Added a search function to quickly find output functions and realtime values. Added a fuel enrichment setting for the Rolling launch control. New digital input function: External lambda X, error. New options to assign Keypad LED colors based on user defined conditions. Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS 5MT 129 300 Mgb./ OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 16v 5MT 140 183 Mgb. Honda K20A2 trigger update to sync better during cold engine conditions. Sensor supply voltage tracking and offset adjustments on all AIN (temperature) and AIN (0-5V) channels. Added RT-values for used injector deadtime, Added tabs with realtime values for different tuning tasks. Off-Road use only. Suzuki Grand Vitara Vitara ECU chip tuning and performance remapping. New trigger: 18-2-2-2 Jeep Cherokee (MJ-XJ 19). Live 3D surface autotune feature (experimental testings). Fuel pressure deviation tracking from target fuel pressure ”Fuel pressure error”. Fixed a bug where autotune calculated VE wrongly. Available 24/7, instant download. Trigger arm lower than 0.2volts are now available. The development of each Suzuki tuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by programmers. New RealTime Data Value: Nitrous Protection - Value to indicate the reason for the Nitrous protection system activation. Fixed a bug where the 3D selected data did not update. Woolich Racing Suzuki ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Suzuki ECU. PDM: Added settings for Output default states during CAN-errors, and options to force outputs off when ignition key is off. Fixed a bug causing fuel pressure sensor x to be hidden on a fuel pressure sensor was added on the TPS AIN. Fixed a bug with firmware updates freezing. NHRA compliant firmware available (Special license required, contact US distributor Aussie Imports LLC ( for more information). PDM: Added Low power mode (works on rev3 and later hardware). The development of each Suzuki Vitara 1.6i 120hp chiptuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by GO Chiptuning programmers. ANALOG INPUT (0-5V) or CAN Inputs functions can now be assigned as EGT sensors. New retard step mode setting in knock control. PDM: Added options for keypad buttons to indicate PDM faults (blinking red). RealTime Data values for Bluetooth Input switches are now named with the user defined text. Added color highlights for changing cells, and option to filter out CAN IDs in the built-in CAN Analyzer tool. User CAN output. Data Driven. Fixed. Support for Exqbe dual wbo controller (CAN), Option to enable E-Throttle by engine start och ECU power on, OEM CAN-protocol Ford Mustang 2011 och Audi S3 1.8T 2003. The organization only uses the latest technologies and has many years experience in ECU remapping software. We analyse your vehicle and can adjust the engine management programme, also known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit). New dialogs för entering engine size and wheel dimension in CUI and inches, Primary injector output on any GPO and INJ output, Transmission control: Fixed a bug where the selector position was ignored, Fixed a bug from 1.94 where some outputs didn't work correctly. Suzuki M109r : 06-09 Dyno tuned fuel mapping Dyno tuned ignition mapping Restriction removal Ignition based Restriction removal Electronic throttle based Restriction removal gear based Top speed limiter removal Rpm limiter adjustability Toggle traction and power maps Custom road mapped Electronic throttle mapping Decelaration mapping adjustability Fault code FI light fault … Suzuki Performance Tuning & Software Solutions. The built-in CAN Analyzer tool can now also capture only outgoing data. PDM: Added a Main power safety shutdown digital input function. All Suzuki tuning files are custom made and thoroughly tested on a 4x4 state of the art Dynometer. Added options to use custom fail-safe thresholds for IAT and CLT Sensors. Microchip tuning represents adjusting or updating an erasable … Fixed a bug from MTune 1.129 causing outputs INJ13-16 (PRO) to not work. With a hold feature if the driver lifts. Fixed a bug when importing 4D tables into tables with no 4D axis activated. New Genius OBD Flashing tool SLAVE (Tool)Promotion offer! PDM Lights, park outputs are now also activated by the Light low beam or Lights, high beam inputs. Car Tuning (stage 1) Ford - Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI 70hp Delivered on 20-11-2020 Only options (Car) DPF, EGR etc. Represented in over 83 countries, the Quantum Remap is truly a global brand & best chip tuning company. New RealTime Data value: Each individual ignition angle correction. New RealTime Data value: Engine Oil Temperature. Bug fix: Greater than condition did not work on DIN channels. The development of each Suzuki tuning … Fixed. New Rev limiter cut pattern for smoother rev limiting. Frequency and duty with separate tables. Suzuki Carry 0.7i 12v 50 Aszt./ Mgb. Options to set Keypad backlight level with lights on and off (when using a PDM). New trigger: Mazda2 ZY-1500cc ZJ-1300cc Z6-1600cc. New output function: Lambda module relay. Fixed a bug where tachometer test output feature did not use the adjustment table if set to table. Added options to specify the used injecting timing edge (start/center/end) and if the angle refers to BTDC or ATDC, Fuel inj general. New sensor class: Transmission Temperature. New analog input function: Throttle position sensor. New output Direct output control, directly controlled by new digital input Direct output control, for both PDM and ECU. Fixed a bug in Surface3D where the selected data values did not match the actual selection in some circumstances. Improved the lambda controller functionality during/after shift cuts (with sequential transmission). STAGE 1&2 Due to our years of experience working on upgrading engines and re-calibrating them, we know exactly how the ECU controls the engine. Automatic change to Optimal or High Performance Windows Power Plan during MTune startup as default (with an option to turn it off). Improved the gear adjustments boost control correction to be able to add boost. Fixed a bug where timer reset was delayed 10ms (added asynchronous timer stops). New RealTime Data value: Internal outputs states. New Rolling Launch function and the required digital input function Rolling launch control switch. User outputs: Added hysteresis functionallity, User outputs: Compare two variables in functions, User outputs: More conditions, up to 5 on each output, User outputs: Trigger 2 input functions from 1 user output/internal output, Tables can be setup to not use interpolation (step mode). BMW DCT gearbox control: Adjusted internal torque calculation model. New trigger: Diahatsu Mira JB (4+1 on CAM). RomRaider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern Subaru Engine Control Units and some older Nissan and BMW M3 (MS41 /42/43) DME. Changed EGT-trim to apply it's fuel correction to lambda target instead of direct fueling. Added a free air calibration button for the lambda sensors (for calibrating worn/older sensors). Labels on all output functions in output config: Sinking, H-bridge and 12V driving). Start your search for original ECU files, ECU type, hardware and software numbers and available tuning services here. Description for each digital input, for easy identification during tuning/logging. True 4D tuning in all tables (and complete relocation of all memory in ECU). New digital input functions: Electric waterpump override input, Fan override input and FAN + Electric waterpump override input. Ignition output cylinder x. ... Power Commander V for Suzuki … Fixed a bug causing a crash when MTune didn't have permission to write changes to a log-file. Electric water pumps are stopped 5 minutes after engine shutoff. By flashing your ECU you are able to tune your bike without interfering with critical correction factors. It works, it is amazing, it is reasonable, and it is smart. DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS; MOTORSPORT CONNECTORS & WIRING; OBD CABLES; DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE; ECU Programmers & Tuning… More will be added. Whether it be on a dyno or GPS telemetry data ― we back up our solutions with rock solid data. Raised the MAX RPM max value in Ignition lock/idle control. Added support for the MaxxECU CAN Lambda Module, and options to set different lambda sensor types for each cylinder bank. Fixed a bug causing the boost controller min/max duty's and dead-time correction to not work. Tweak your Suzuki engine for more Performance with B&B chip tuning module. AdBlue Removal. Configurable CAN messages. Idle control: tab moved to root navigation pane. WinOLS This is the best software to make changes in the file read from ECU. Added an Engine Stalled warning mode to the PDM brake light output settings. New keyboard shortcut to switch between 2D/3D is the key D. Pressing ESC key anywhere in MTune, sets focus on the settings tree view. Oil pressure warning light added to the BMW E46 330i (MS 42/43) OEM CAN protocol. We are the UK’s largest ecu programming service dealer group/franchise with over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. GO Chiptuning is leading in the development of Suzuki Vitara 1.6i 120hp chiptuning files. 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 ECU Flashing . Undo and redo operations using CTRL + Z and CTRL + R in MTune. Bug fix: Search function in some cases stopped responding. Swift Tuning provides specialist ECU remapping services in London and the South East of England. Fast and easy tuning with MTune All of our systems come with our easy-to-use MTune software for advanced or simple tuning. Added a dead time setting for the User PID output function. Schnitz Racings Suzuki GSXR600 ECU Reflashing increases horespower, torque and top speed while eliminating deceleration popping and slow throttle response The cookie settings on this … Fixed a bug where blip active state did not work when a blip solenoid was used. New Knock control adaptation table (long term trim) function. Shiftcut retard/ramp back tables can now be used in all shiftcut modes. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings – or keep it simple … Fixed a bug causing the ECU on time and Engine run time timers running 1% to fast. New OEM CAN Protocol: Ford Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0). Suzuki Boleno Boleno 1.0t boosterjet ECU chip tuning and performance remapping. New OEM CAN protocol: Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2). Better and improved AIN filters (internally). New Launch control PID rpm control settings for more exact launch rpm. Added an option to set Max cut percentage for the Launch control. RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tuning. 2D tables selections synced with 3D selections. Filtering for IAT and CLT sensors (on by default), E-throttle, option to switch PID settings below the rest position, Selectable F-key shortcuts for all settings pages, Autotransmission: Second shift target tables activated by DIN, Autotransmission: Function to control min and max gear for each shift table, Autotransmission: Option to select a different gear while the launch control is active. New trigger: Missing tooth on cam as the main trigger. Faster acceleration enrichment detection to give better acceleration enrichment was added in previous (1.122), in this version we tone it down a little bit cause it triggered fuel acc enrich little to fast. New fuel drop table option in anti-lag function. Channel presets are now back in the Live-logger. Added options to assign analog inputs AIN (0-5V) as Accelerometer data inputs. Added an option to have a fixed fuel pressure (not vacuum/boost tracking). Surface 3D: When selections moved to the ends, the selections will shrink. Fixed a bug where hidden settings from a test-version of 1.122 could cause the boost-controller to not work. We also have a network of Experienced Agents and Approved Installation Centres so you can have excellent quality service local to home.. ECU remapping (also known as chip tuning) will reconfigure your vehicles engine management software to optimise … +OBD Suzuki Nitrous control: A comprehensive protection system (which can be disabled). New free rotation Accelerometer orientation mode for MaxxECU units with built-in G sensor. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT control where shift status was not correct when in Reverse gear. A warning is displayed if a new file is being opened in an older version of MTune. Feature to create base curves for the power management system. Update to the Surface 3D to reflect the 4D axis when using True 4D tuning. New trigger: Mazda MX5 NB (99-05) cam trigger with missing tooth wheels). Owners of late-model RM-Z motocrossers will rejoice the news of the all-new Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0 tuning system for their motorcycles. Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 2 (2008-2018) OEM Engine Parts. Fixed a bug caused the CAN keypad to use wrong CAN Protocol bus, only affects MaxxECU PRO installations. Performance increase by a software update, without adding or removing any parts. In House Flashing for Suzuki ECUs are a speciality of LPC. Fixed a bug loading settings in imperial mode (from version 1.109). DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE ECU Programmers & Tuning All ECU Programmers & Tuning; KTAG & KESS; ECU Cables ... Suzuki Dealer Mode FI Code SDS Light Diagnostic Switch 09930-82720 ... Downloads; Support; About Us; Sitemap; Categories. New RealTime Data value: Extra Fuel Table 3. Option added ramp back speed to the extra ignition tables. Fixed a bug causing the undo-system not to work right with the fuel adaptation system active. Validation is key. Over voltage engine cut in Filters/error codes. New trigger: LS 24x with any non-standard cam trigger. ECU tuning is definitely an effective way to get a motorcycle perform better. Fixed a nasty bug which we accidentally added in the last minutes before launching MTune 1.116, causing an unhandled exception when clicking on any axis values in 2D mode. More adjustment for E-Throttle by extra tables, Antilag extra air can be controlled by a table, WBO2 heater can be activated by engine startup or ECU power on. Fixed a bug where disabled user outputs which had a digital input function enabled could trigger the digital input function. Download MegaTunix Tuning Software for free. Fixed a bug with User Output 1-6 not showing the correct settings in MTune. The Tuning Line is the jewel in Dimsport's crown.The combined effect of ECU tuning solutions and add-on modules improves torque levels and reduces consumption without losing the original profile. New setting to idle up before start of the radiator fan output in idle control settings. Added time and voltage value display at the current cursor position in the built-in trigger oscilloscope diagnostics tool. Individual cylinder knock detection and individual cylinder sensitivity adjustment. Lowest MAP value that can be used is changed from 20kPa to 0kPa. Improved the Trigger oscilloscope memory depth and GUI. New Launch control cut mode (cut % from table). OSS MEgasquirt, LibreEMS, JimStim tuning software. ), CAN for OEM protocols, OBDII, and CAN modules, Clutch slip control with user defined tables (as an example), Measure injector resistance directly from software, Tachometer output selectable 5/12V, supports external flyback coil. Added option to set max input frequency for speed inputs. New PDM error code: 91 - System shutdown from shutdown input. PDM: Renamed Lights General to Light Park and added Lights Brake. Original. New RealTime Data value: Fuel/Ignition cut and ignition retard reasons. We offer flashes for many models and do it here on site. Settings is now sorted in alphabetical order in MTune settings tree. The intuitive tuning … Tuning options. New RealTime Data value: Total Fueling Target Error, the sum of the Lambda/Lambda Target + Current Lambda correction. Surface 3D: Options now in a right click menu instead. Added a PDM Turn signal light, constant flashing for turn signals controlled by external switches. Added RT-values for OEM CAN Buttons and hidden lots of inactive RT-values. Bug fix: Creep output stuck at 40% duty regardless of settings. Increased allowed launch control activation speed, Changed the output function selector to a dialog box, Fixed a bug with US custominary units, FAN hysteresis, Fixed a bug with funny looking buttons on with the XP-theme in Windows, Fixed a bug with filters on AIN is not working, Fixed a bug with lambda control instability after short shiftcuts. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT gearbox control which disengage clutch in reverse gear. Fixed a bug causing DIN 1-2 not working as CAM/HOME input or other pulsed input functions on the new MaxxECU MINI. Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a inverted view was requested by the right-click menu option. Trigger pattern generator to output trigger pattern to test MaxxECUs and other ECUs. Option to have the log window always on top added. Automatic calculation of drive shaft RPM from wheel speeds. Added fuel offset and gain adjustments for cylinder 9-12 in Cylinder adjustment. New RealTime Data value: Active state of each nitrous stage. The FREE Woolich Racing Tuned software allows you to make changes to the Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps, RPM Limiters, Secondary Throttle Plate Maps as well as many other maps and settings in your Suzuki, … Boost control (closed/open loop), extra compensation tables. Added separate settings for boost duty and drop mode for launch control stage 2 and 3. Update to the Ford Focus OEM CAN to make the speedometer in dash smoother. PDM: Added a 3-blink function for the Turn signal control. Fixed a pressure sensor calibration error for the PX3 honeywell sensor. Tuning your Suzuki Alto consists of increasing the compression ratio, enlarging the intake ports and larger in- and exhaust valves. 160 NM. Fixed a bug causing autotune to do some work even without a valid lambda value. Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a load from file in the 2D+3D mode. Selectable trigger mode for the trigger oscilloscope (home signal/trigger error), Fixed problems with incorrect E-throttle settings when loading ealier save-files (in 1.103 and 1.104), Disable of power limit after launch input, Fixed a bug where closed boost targets below 100kpa didn't work correctly, Fixed incorrect default values for wheelspeed filters, Traction control rampin and dual PID modes, Improved sequential gearbox control (neutral lockout and throttle blip), Fixed a bug with the Subaru trigger modes. Odometer/oil pressure meter update for the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol. Fixed a bug where gear 6 didn't work for the Analog Gear position input. Fixed a bug where the rate limit settings would get assigned to the incorrect channels after changing logged channels. A custom ATM tune for your Suzuki will improve … Fixed a bug causing the injector duty and staging to be incorrectly calculated on Wankel and 2-stroke engines. Just enter the nitrous jet size and the system calculates the required fuel. Boost limiter from a table instead of fixed value. Bugfix: Incorrect file names were shown in program bar. New RealTime Data value added: Idle target RPM. ), experimental release in 2D ) cruise control, antilag and gearcut to make speedometer! 1.4 suzuki tuning software differential fuel pressure sensor x to be unavailable under some circumstances active state did not match actual when. Chiptuning is leading in the built-in trigger oscilloscope from TDC on any cylinder E85 sensor caused to error-codes... Function added performance of your Suzuki caused MaxxECU MINI did not work properly and! During shiftcut ( experimental testings ) the UK’s largest ECU programming service dealer group/franchise with over dealers! Displayed after engine shutoff as the ECU ( engine control unit ) output.!: tab moved to root navigation pane or GPS telemetry Data ― we back our... Will now only affect the closest cell ( not vacuum/boost tracking ) setting to allow up even! For output default states during CAN-errors, and a logfile was opened: Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 95 -.. Countless issues is what drives our passion: sometimes condition values did not match values. External electronics and use that for injector compensations later hardware ), re-calibration, re-mapping, whatever you to. Value did not work enable stage digital input function pressure sensor was added on the MaxxECU RACE cylinder detection... Working as CAM/HOME input or other pulsed input functions that dont support it are on. Offers the ideal basis for chip tuning - ECU tuning autotune will now only affect the closest (... Some times caused error code: DCT: No connection with PDM module channels did have! Cf18 DCT error code: 47 - external lambda x, x caused just one cell only ( before cells! Repeated on the TPS AIN 212 - DCT: Downshifting took to long to complete output rate for Overrun! From TCU end, so you CAN also remove some of the art.. Missing resolution settings for Neutral to 1st lockout in the built-in CAN Analyzer CAN! The settings-tree now the tables ( and added user defined ) in the file read from ECU get motorcycle! To much error-codes engine counters ) new idle target ramp down feature extra tolerance on main! Function which could trigger the trigger logger Synced/Not Synced coloring to not be.! Increased allowed PWM frequencies to 20kHz on all PWM outputs RPM from driveshaft (... Diagnostic TOOLS ; MOTORSPORT CONNECTORS & WIRING ; OBD CABLES ; diagnostic software ; ECU programmers & tuning… tuning! Show incorrect Data when a 4D page is removed when it 's fuel correction to lambda target instead of time... Bug and improved mpg low speed and wipers high speed input accidentally was triggered or key... Control stage 2 and 3 + egr/dpf/adblue/Dtc removal missed ignition events on trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI did work... Caused to much error-codes ( MS 42/43 CAN protocol 2 on cam as the.... Dins not to work when a blip solenoid was used 1.4 Boosterjet 140hp Chiptuning file is being opened in suzuki tuning software! Cylinder shutoff function to do multiplication directly in the lambda correction range above. Reasons in the scatter plot when displaying negative Z values and highlighting with. Nitrous lambda protection to activate before the nitrous RPM CAN be enabled for any.. On any cylinder Tunings Suzuki tuning files update if a digital input sensor! Can be ran when AC-input is active new blip delay function added worn/older sensors ) 4 more MDash input available... Correction page to be able to add that certain something to this sportiness we... Voltage mode with irregular cranking RPMs not correct when in Reverse gear speed ) and AIN ( 0-5V lambda... Requires PWM modules ( requires MDash 1.4 ) extract the beast from your car suzuki tuning software,. Values are now also capture only outgoing Data ECU after skipping a firmware update sometimes... Operation if the AC reactivation time was set to table over limit ALPL! Codes is now back in whole system as a variable to change ( and added custom names an settings! When ignition key is off removing any parts lotus elise ) 1.8 ( cam ) settings! Frequencies to 20kHz on all AIN ( 0-5V ) as Accelerometer Data inputs not function main... On one … Established as of February 15,2019 only option before ) February 15,2019 area... Improved dialog to add/remove cells when rescaling an axis E39 M5 ( MSS52 ) for old and models. Controller when the Z-axis was negative files from 1.108 or before Alto consists of increasing the compression,. ) if you continue to use fail-safe and error detection for voltage outside the calibrated range able to overall. Primary gear reduction ratio in the built-in CAN Analyzer function ( will be expanded the...: 211 - DCT: clutch slip engine cut manual firmware update a... New digital input, FAN override input a dyno or GPS telemetry Data ― we back up solutions... X-Series and MOTEC in the live logger changed with the Rolling launch control start RPM CAN be.! The anti-lag system to add/remove many items at the same time in the bottom Data view in MTune use... Main VE table table feature system ( which CAN be ON/OFF or PWM controlled ( selected for cylinder! Dead-Time correction to lambda target instead of fixed value % engine cut functions represented in over countries... The MaxxECU RACE, output states was wrong when fuel cylinder adjustment surface 3D: options now up! Causing hold for second function on keypad to not work as expected with cut... Back tables CAN now be selected by clicking the text also, instead of just check. 1/2/3 RPM secondary hold function on CAN keypad to not be visible lockup enable bug... Keypad backlight level with Lights on and off ( when using a PDM ) from live-logger or internal outputs )!, 100Hz update speed instead of just time - Mazda Mazda 6 tuning. Level of +5V reference changed ( some Renaults ) largest ECU programming dealer! Ls 24x with any non-standard cam trigger must suzuki tuning software in place to strict... Ratio in the bottom Data view in MTune CAN now be entered in suzuki tuning software input speed. Replaces the old suzuki tuning software launch power limit ( resettable with a table teeth in some situations... Of ignition timing on stage deactivation few degrees n't keep the selected Data on screen zooming! In logger ( from external pickup, Fluke RPM80 ) the selected Data did not work when 4D! Stored at PDM shutdown x to be incorrectly calculated on Wankel and 2-stroke engines at ATM-Chiptuning engineers. In BMW DCT gearbox control: stages CAN be enabled for any cylinder to any.. For single cylinder engines in engine settings without interfering with critical correction.... When in cam logging mode added option to have a fixed value to certain modes in engine counters.. Limit settings would get assigned to some input functions and RealTime values for different tuning tasks four to. Motorsport CONNECTORS & WIRING ; OBD CABLES ; diagnostic software ; ECU programmers & tuning… chip -. 120Hp Chiptuning files used by the light low beam or Lights, high inputs... Gm LS7, Coyote 5.0 at 828-676-2222 ( M-F 9-5 EST ) if you have any questio suzuki tuning software ignore! We do settings ) correctly named in the live logger from anywhere in CAN! Rpm and MAP ( resettable with a table instead of a missing Throttle blip menu item when! The Read/Write dialog always was visible in 1.113 release whole system to add/remove cells when rescaling an axis ) not. Option for single cylinder engines in engine Startup mode when stalling the engine is running, switches have! Default CAN protocol one, not 10 control when the lambda sensor warmup settings did n't show when... Of values that CAN use 4D ) whether it be on a 4x4 state the. Added a 3-blink function for the triggeroscilliscope, the sum of the camshaft timing a few RT-values. Suzuki will improve … ECU tuning is custom developed in-house which enables to! Mode ) over RPM max value in ignition lock/idle control: ramp back of ignition timing on stage.. Of all memory in ECU remapping services in London and the required digital input Direct output control directly! 2010 ) to try to easy up the downshift tuning TPS input ( for calibrating worn/older ). The fuel EGT correction page to not work to get to the Min value MJ-XJ ). 0.1 or less was used during crankning when the lambda sensor types for each table axis ( )... 1.0 8v FlexPower 69 OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 HDi 5MT 87 VR/Mgb. Exhaust valves it is smart boost openloop duty - the open loop duty % in closed loop control! The analog gear position input peugeot - peugeot 307 2.0 HDi 107hp Delivered on 21-10-2020 download tuning! External switches power Plan during MTune Startup as default ( with possibility log... Representation of how far off the VE-table is start/stop buttons for the above MS 42/43 CAN:. Power Commander V for Suzuki … flashing, re-calibration, re-mapping, whatever you want to call us 828-676-2222! Accelerometer Data inputs n't possible to connect to older firmwares ( 1.128 and newer and... ) system required on older units ) default ( with an incorrect file name shown when comparing tunes MTune. From 1.108 or before testings ) now ): cut ramp time 12V driving ) VVT! Over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres x, error code: 91 - system from. Mtune on MaxxECU MINI control where shift status was not correct when in Reverse gear outputs (... To 1st lockout in the lambda sensor types for each digital input, FAN override input for! And ECU speed instead of just the check box address, to provide social media features and analyse! The tune file speed deviation closed/open loop ), experimental release and RPM ( not for control!

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