and you can find the medium or larger version as well. My mom (who lives in the Northeast U.S. with cold winters) has applied PetArmor Plus to her cat from early spring through late fall for many years. FAQ. These topical treatments, also known as spot-on treatments, provide month-long protection against parasites in dogs and cats. But with this product we have found no fleas on the cat - ever. Dogs Pets Cats Free Sample! THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Frontline Plus is a more popular flea drop, based on its 8,000+ reviews. This is why it is always recommended to pay attention to the environment because they can come from anywhere and the basic advice is usually to trim those lawn so these parasites don’t have enough space or place to hide. Same reason you can go to the pharmacy and get generics of drugs at a cheaper price. PetArmor Plus Vs Advantage II . Pricing comparison based FRONTLINE Plus (12/2019) and 52-week PetArmor Plus in Nielsen XAOC (12/2019). Basket 855 908 4010 . Application: PetArmor is also available as a topical spot-on for pooches in single dose pipettes, similar to PetArmor Plus. Frontline Plus for cats uses the same active ingredient, fipronil, to kill fleas and ticks. Dogs; Cats; Brands . See products . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PetArmor Plus for Cats 3 Dose Box at The problem is gel often stuck on their fur instead of skin especially on those with thicker coats. In this part however, they are exactly the same because both use Fipronil at 9.8% and S-methoprene at 8.8%. Put the solution directly on their skin and not on their fur so the dog has to stay still to ease the application and make a line of the gel on their back. 59. Choose options . and over. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or Use of Frontline Plus should start with cats and kittens 8 weeks of age or older. PetArmor Plus was developed as an alternative product to the popular Frontline Plus spot-on treatment. As long as a company has a patent on a drug, only they can sell it, Viagra is still patented so no one else can make or sell it at this time. Both come in a box with 6 small tubes containing the solution which looks like a bottle but in a medicine package. FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Medium Dog, 23-44 Pounds, 6 Doses) 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,741 PetArmor for Cats, Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats (Over 1.5 Pounds), Includes 3 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments PetArmor Plus for cats is a topical medication, which means it needs to be applied directly to the skin of your cat. Comments? So Frontline Plus for Cats, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $24 PetArmor Plus, as seen on the chart below. These ingredients are: Fipronil: PetArmor Plus contains 9.80% Fipronil. Main Differences Between PetArmor Plus vs FrontLine Plus. Top tip: Fleas and ticks can carry nasty diseases, but protecting your pet doesn’t need to be difficult. It includes the same active ingredients in the same quantities, and is intended to work in exactly the same way. Performance wise they are the same and they can be an alternative to each other. Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus are made with the same ingredients so they are working very effectively as well to kill and prevent any of these small animals from infesting your dog. Therefore, preventatives that are placed on your pet monthly or every 6 weeks that enter the bloodstream and stay there the entire time should be treated with the utmost caution. So how do the two products compare? Floh; Tick; Herzwurm; Verdauung; Zuschläge; FÜR KATZEN. The information provided typically includes the following: PetArmor Plus for Dogs (89-132 lbs) Indications; Warnings and cautions for PetArmor Plus for Dogs (89-132 lbs) Protect your pup with a complete care regimen of trusted, vet-quality solutions. Detailed comparison chart and breakdown between Frontline Plus vs. PetArmor. Petarmor Plus vs Frontline Plus These two are reliable options for pet owners when the temperature is getting warmer out there and summer is near so we can be prepared to face this parasite issue. What are Fleas and Ticks and How they Infest Your Dogs, What are Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus, How are the Package of Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus, What Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus are made of, How Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus Work, How to Apply Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus. After doing prevention, it is not complete without applying the solution as well on our dogs or cats because it is used as the last defense mechanism when the small animals are already reaching their fur but we have to act fast to make sure they are not suffering from the parasites. If you use any food or treatment regularly, its important to carefully understand what you can about the ingredients. We have used PetArmor from the beginning and can report that it has “NOT” had an adverse effect on our animals. Is PetArmor Plus the same as Frontline Plus? All life stages of fleas are targeted, though the active ingredients are different. This product is approved for use on dogs 45-88 lbs. Designed for dogs and cats eight weeks of age and older. In this article, we are going to give you information about: Just like human children, our pets also need proper care to ensure their well being but unlike humans who can care for themselves, there is only so much our fur friend whether it is a dog or cat can do on their own and not so rare they will need our assistance from time to time. There is a term called questing when these small animals crawl up to woods or low shrubs and wait for a dog to walk by then brush them. PetArmor was the first of the ‘family’ launched in 2011 and contains just fipronil as the active ingredient. Flea and tick solutions are made to follow the dog’s weight and you have to read the label before getting one. Your email address will not be published. PetArmor Plus is a budget-friendly and waterproof flea and ticks preventative for dogs. These 310 Unique and Creative Names for White Cats. This product has now replaced Frontline on the market. Use our comparison chart to weigh up the pros and cons of the most popular products. Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus are made with the same ingredients so they are working very effectively as well to kill and prevent any of these small animals from infesting your dog. PetArmor Plus for Cats kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, chewing lice and prevents the development of flea pupae. PetArmor Plus vs Frontline Plus Compare PetArmor Plus Spot-On to Frontline Plus Spot-On . I've been using the Petarmor since it has been touted as the same chemically as Frontline. The main differences between Pet Armor vs FrontLine Plus are: PetArmor Plus is a budget-friendly flea and tick control solution, whereas FrontLine is a more expensive option. For cats. We recommend to go for named brands because they have a higher reliability not only on the efficacy but also on the safety as we are also often concerned whether they can be dangerous for bigger animals like dogs or cats. PetArmor was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 09, 2016 and since then this brand received 6 reviews.. PetArmor ranks 85 of 450 in Pet Medicine and Veterinary Clinics category. Bathing them routinely is one of the best ways to not only keep the house clean but also keep their skin and fur healthy. Like Frontline, PetArmor Plus uses fipronil to kill existing fleas and (s)-methoprene to prevent them from coming back. For Cats. Moving further, let’s see what these ingredients are doing and starting with Fipronil, this is a broad spectrum insecticide which belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family and used in products that main purpose is to control ants, fleas, ticks, termites, etc. However, PetArmor tends to be cheaper than the competition — almost half the cost of Frontline for dogs over 44 pounds. Garantia de Preço Baixo Summer is the time to play outside and enjoy the weather as we are relaxing or play around with our canine friend. Frontline Plus is manufactured by Merial and is designed to kill 100% of fleas and ticks within 24 hours. ONLY for cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age & weighing over 9 lbs. Help keep fleas and ticks off your dog or cat with PetArmor, an effective alternative to Frontline Plus, for a fraction of the cost. All About Pet Health. Simple Pet Care 101. It’s the exact same chemicals and amount as Frontline Plus. on orders $35+ Free pickup today. Like Frontline, PetArmor Plus uses fipronil to kill existing fleas and (s)-methoprene to prevent them from coming back. There are so many tick species but only a handful that cause concern such as brown dog tick and the deer tick. These ingredients are: Fipronil: PetArmor Plus contains 9.80% Fipronil. Make sure your feline family is covered with a suite of vet-quality products you can trust. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Frontline plus for dogs. Frontline Plus Spray for Cats 100 ml (1 Pack) CODES (6 days ago) Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats. So, if you’re in a hurry, Frontline Plus might be the best option for you. The caution is also the same that the dog version is not allowed to be used in cats as it can harm them and the price difference probably has something to do with production cost whether it is the country of origin or different companies policies. For cats. The main difference we see is that PetArmor Plus appears to take longer to kill fleas (up to 24 hours). PetArmor Plus and Frontline Plus may be used on dogs and cats from 8 weeks of age, with the exact product determined by your pet’s weight. Dogs Pets Cats. Woof, meow or high paw, we’d love to hear from you. Pet Armor Plus For Dogs Or Cats! 99 - $39.59 $ 39. Active Ingredients PetArmor Plus was developed as an alternative product to the popular Frontline Plus spot-on treatment.It includes the same active ingredients in the same quantities, and is intended to work in exactly the same way. (S)-methoprene is an Insect Growth Regulator, or IGR. Product Title PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs, 3 Treatments. Cats are exceptionally sensitive to permethrin so if you have a kitty in your home you should separate them from your pooch for 24 hours after treatment. This allows the user to at least have an idea on what and how the solution works or what they are supposed to do. Anything that we subject ourselves to on a regular basis can have vast implications on our overall health. Skin & Coat Care. PetArmor Plus Vs Frontline Plus For Dogs: We Asked A Vet. For dogs. On the other hand S-methoprene is a growth regulator and does not kill insects. We’ll start with how readily available these medications are. Read also: K9 Advantix II Vs Frontline Plus. It is among the most common ingredients in over 500 pesticide products and often used for those surviving other pesticides. Product Image. Like Frontline, PetArmor Plus uses fipronil to kill existing fleas and (s)-methoprene to prevent them from coming back. Report Click here to report this image for abuse and copyright infringement. - EFFECTIVE, WATERPROOF FLEA TREATMENT FOR DOGS: PetArmor Plus is a fully waterproof, flea & tick topical prevention for cats that kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and chewing lice for up to 30 days after application. A few years after introducing Frontline for Cats and Dogs, the manufacturer, Meriel, improved the formulation with Frontline Plus. A common disease from the infection is called flea allergy dermatitis or FAD and this is a severe allergic reaction to flea bites and what’s concerning is some pets can be very allergic that one bite can cause a reaction and make them miserable. There are so many good solutions out there based on what you prefer better because in general they are made with effective repellent or insecticide and pesticide to make sure these small animals will go quickly. PetArmor Plus uses the same active ingredients, whereas FrontLine Plus uses safer inactive ingredients. Floh; Tick; Herzwurm 41 One tube is for one application and it can be repeated again next month. Flea & Tick. I'm not so sure! Frontline Gold vs Frontline Plus Compare Frontline Gold Spot-On to Frontline Plus Spot-On.