The 1960s decade refers to the years from the beginning of 1960 to the end of 1969. RELATED TO THE 1960S. This article covers the phase of the movement between 1955 and 1968, particularly in the South. The 1960s were also about experimentation. New styles of architecture, including high-rise buildings and the use of concrete and steel, became common. South African Christaan Barnard performed the first successful human to human heart transplant in Cape Town on December 3. During the 1960s, students across America rose up to demand reform. JFK, MLK, LBJ, Vietnam, and the 1960s. Canada's Michael Snow, Americans Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol, and Jack Smith. How to make a timeline? A second wave of feminism in the United States and around the world gained momentum in the early 1960s. Paul for the 1961 NFL season. The Beatles hold the top 5 positions in the Billboard Top 40 singles in America, an unprecedented achievement. In the Christian churches, it was a time of innovation from the ‘new theology’ and ‘new morality’ of Bishop Robinson, to the evangelicalism of the Charismatic Movement, and of charismatic leaders, such as Pope John XXIII and Martin Luther King. They were all caught and convicted. The 1960s was the decade that started on January 1, 1960 and ended on December 31, 1969. A few months later, rock 'n' roll founding father Chuck Berry emerged from a ​ .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px;white-space:nowrap} 1⁄2-year prison stint and resumed recording and touring. In 1969, the American League expanded when the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Pilots, were admitted to the league prompting the expansion of the post-season (in the form of the League Championship Series) for the first time since the creation of the World Series. The first laser was fired in 1960. February 13 – Nashville sit-ins begin. Launched on 16 July 1969, it carried mission Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and the Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin. 10 May 1960. On April 21, the newly built city of Brasília was founded and Brazil moved its capital there from Rio de Janeiro. 3 March 1960. Gloria Steinem was a key feminist. The rock 'n' roll movement of the 1950s quickly came to an end in 1959 with the day the music died (as explained in the song "American Pie"), the scandal of Jerry Lee Lewis' marriage to his 13-year-old cousin, and the induction of Elvis Presley into the U.S. Army. Previous Next . Gays were not allowed by law to congregate. Academy Award-winning Japanese director Akira Kurosawa produced Yojimbo (1961), and Sanjuro (1962), which both starred Toshiro Mifune as a mysterious Samurai swordsman for hire. 5 July 1948 National Health Service is established. [38][39] Two sports, the team sport of disc ultimate and disc golf are very popular worldwide and are now being played semi professionally. And on May 25, 1961, JFK gave his "Man on the Moon" speech, setting a new course of discovery for the U.S. and the world. Kjøp boken What Really Happened to the 1960s av Edward P. Morgan (ISBN 9780700618224) hos The biggest event of 1962 was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Browse important and historic events, world leaders, famous birthdays and notable deaths from the year 1960. But other major events occurred. The abolition of capital punishment, the abortion laws, the decriminalising of homosexuality, the Pill, the imprint of youth culture, technological advance and radical improvement in domestic comfort, a consumer-inspired economic boom, political protest – it seemed change would never end. The Magnificent Seven a 1960 American western film directed by John Sturges was a remake of Akira Kurosawa's 1954 film, Seven Samurai. NASA/Neil A. Armstrong/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. The news of this year made an indelible mark on the nation with the assassination of JFK on November 22 in Dallas while he was visiting on a campaign trip. A Timeline of the 20th Century. The decade was also labeled the Swinging Sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos that occurred during this time, but also because of the emergence of a wide range of music; from a folk music revival, to the Beatles revolution, to the introspective lyrics of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. A Cautionary Tale for Historians" 4 Feb 2014, History News Network, The 60s: Literary Tradition and Social Change, The 1960s in Europe (Online Teaching and Research Guide), "1960s Fashion Feature, including biographies, interviews, clothing and resources",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2012, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with limited geographic scope from July 2018, Pages in non-existent country centric categories, Articles lacking reliable references from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1961 – Substantial (approximately 700) American advisory forces first arrive in, 1962 – By mid-1962, the number of U.S. military advisers in, 1964 – In direct response to the minor naval engagement known as the, 1966 – After 1966, with the draft in place more than 500,000 troops were sent to, Mass socialist or Communist movement in most European countries (particularly France and Italy), with which the student-based new left was able to forge a connection. Between April 11 and August 14, Adolf Eichmann went on trial for his role in the Holocaust, charged under the 1950 Nazi and Nazi Collaborators Punishment law. A major development in popular music during the mid-1960s was the movement away from singles and towards albums. Movies also became more sexually explicit, such as Roger Vadim's Barbarella (1968) as the counterculture progressed. Significant events in the film industry in the 1960s, Guidelines for this section are listed at, Jaime Pensado, "The (forgotten) Sixties in Mexico. The 1960s was also a time of technological progress. Constitution.[29][30]. In the U.S., a Presidential Commission on the Status of Women found discrimination against women in the workplace and every other aspect of life, a revelation which launched two decades of prominent women-centered legal reforms (i.e., the Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title IX, etc.) As late as the end of 1965, few Americans protested the American involvement in Vietnam, but as the war dragged on and the body count continued to climb, civil unrest escalated. Monarch – Elizabeth II; Prime Minister – Harold Macmillan (Conservative); Parliament – 42nd; Events. American History: The 1960s, a Decade That Changed a Nation November 17, 2011 Hippies gather in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in June 1967 to celebrate the start of summer. Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider (1969) focused on the drug culture of the time. The 1960s was a time of upheaval in virtually every part of American culture. The youth involved in the popular social aspects of the movement became known as hippies. [note 1]. These groups were rather conservative in their practices, emphasizing that gay men and women are no different from those who are straight and deserve full equality. [11] Italy formed its first left-of-center government in March 1962 with a coalition of Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and moderate Republicans. The stage was set for the spectacular revival of rock music. Socialists joined the ruling block in December 1963. . New Zealand's first official TV broadcast . Relevance. Padva, Gilad. Some activist leaders of the 1960s period include: The following articles contain brief timelines which list the most prominent events of the decade: 1960 • 1961 • 1962 • 1963 • 1964 • 1965 • 1966 • 1967 • 1968 • 1969 • Timeline of 1960s counterculture, "'60s" redirects here. Political pressure, conflicts between different design bureaus, and engineering problems caused by an inadequate budget would doom the Soviet attempt to land men on the Moon. Sixty-nine people lost their lives, and 180 sustained injuries. Feminists inspired unprecedented changes in the fabric of our society that had far-reaching economic, political, and cultural consequences. Graham Hill edged out Jackie Stewart and Denny Hulme for the World Championship in Formula One. The counterculture movement dominated the second half of the 1960s, its most famous moments being the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967, and the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York in 1969. By the end of the decade under Nixon, the combined inflation and unemployment rate known as the misery index (economics) had exploded to nearly 10% with inflation at 6.2% and unemployment at 3.5% and by 1975 the misery index was almost 20%.[23]. On April 12, the ​Soviets launched the Vostok 1, carrying Yuri Gargarin as the first man into space. [1] The "cultural decade" of the 1960s is more loosely-defined than the actual decade, beginning around 1963–1964 with the John F. Kennedy assassination[2][3] and the Beatles' arrival in the United States,[1] and ending around 1969–1970 with the Altamont Free Concert,[4] the Beatles' breakup,[5] and the Kent State shootings[6] or with the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam and the resignation of U.S. President Nixon in 1974. It began in the United States as a reaction against the conservatism and social conformity of the 1950s, and the U.S. government's extensive military intervention in Vietnam. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 was a shock. Did Tecumseh’s Curse Kill Seven US Presidents? Relations with the United States remained hostile during the 1960s, although representatives from both countries held periodic meetings in Warsaw, Poland (since there was no U.S. embassy in China). The Story of Sputnik 1 . The popular modern hatchback, with front-wheel-drive and a two-box configuration, was born in 1965 with the introduction of the Renault 16, many of this car's design principles live on in its modern counterparts: a large rear opening incorporating the rear window, foldable rear seats to extend boot space. Major League Baseball sanctioned both the Houston Colt .45s and the New York Mets as new National League franchises in 1962. The Spaghetti Western genre was a direct outgrowth of the Kurosawa films. He not only dazzled audiences with his fighting styles, but he also stirred up the pot with his words. In the 60s, race was being pushed to the forefront and Ali was never a guy to hold back his thoughts. The Chinese were deeply disturbed by the Soviet suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968, as the latter now claimed the right to intervene in any country it saw as deviating from the correct path of socialism. In June, LBJ nominated Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, and on August 30, the Senate confirmed him as an associate justice. Voter age-limits were challenged by the phrase: "If you're old enough to die for your country, you're old enough to vote.". The 1960s was also a time of technological progress. The War Years: A Timeline of the 1940s. Malcolm X, suspended from the Nation of Islam, says in New York City that he is forming a black nationalist party. [37] Starting with promotional efforts from Wham-O and Irwin Toy (Canada), a few tournaments and professionals using Frisbee show tours to perform at universities, fairs and sporting events, disc sports such as freestyle, double disc court, guts, disc ultimate and disc golf became this sports first events. For decades comprising years 60–69 of other centuries, see, Decade of the Gregorian calendar (1960–1969), The examples and perspective in this article. The most powerful earthquake ever reported devastated Chile on May 22, with an estimated 9.4–9.6 on the moment magnitude scale. Between 1955 and 1968, acts of civil disobedience and nonviolent protest produced crisis situations between activists and government authorities. Jul 3, 1950. Many things happened in the sixties, including the Space Race, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War.. Here are some of the new things that happened in the 1960s. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters also played a part in the role of "turning heads on". 1960s, health care was already a massive enterprise. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame fullback Jim Taylor (31) turns the corner with Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Andrew Rice (58) during the first Super Bowl. The Prague Spring (January 5–August 21) marked a time of liberalization in Czechoslovakia before the Soviets invaded and removed the leader of the government, Alexander Dubcek. Such notable songs include "Little Deuce Coupe," "409," and "Shut Down," all by the Beach Boys; Jan and Dean's "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" and "Drag City," Ronny and the Daytonas' "Little GTO," and many others. | Location: near My Lai, South Vietnam. The Sixties: Moments in Time. Who Developed the Polio Vaccine? In the 1960s, deep cultural changes were altering the role of women in American society. The development of the AOR (album oriented rock) format was complicated and involved several concurrent events such as Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, the introduction by Bob Dylan of "serious" lyrics to rock music, and the Beatles' new studio-based approach. The History of Satellites - Sputnik I. Vietnam War: USS Oriskany (CV-34) World History Events in the Decade 1910-1919. Another important change in music during the early 1960s was the American folk music revival which introduced Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, The Kingston Trio, Harry Belafonte, Odetta, and many other singer-songwriters to the public. On November 29, the Warren Report on the assassination of JFK was issued, naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone killer. Surrounded by his children, a survivor of the My Lai Massacre stands in a village near the site of the massacre. What Happened in 1960 History Democrat John F. Kennedy wins the U.S. Presidential Election after defeating Republican Richard Nixon. This is a list of leaders of states. Notable films from this period include: La Dolce Vita, 8½; La Notte; L'Eclisse, The Red Desert; Blowup; Fellini Satyricon; Accattone; The Gospel According to St. Matthew; Theorem; Winter Light; The Silence; Persona; Shame; A Passion; Au Hasard Balthazar; Mouchette; Last Year at Marienbad; Chronique d'un été; Titicut Follies; High School; Salesman; La jetée; Warrendale; Knife in the Water; Repulsion; The Saragossa Manuscript; El Topo; A Hard Day's Night; and the cinema verite Dont Look Back. 6th January » National Airlines Flight 2511 is destroyed in mid-air by a bomb, while en route from New York City to Miami called Miami, Florida. The Rev. The Soviet program lost its sense of direction with the death of chief designer Sergey Korolyov in 1966. 5 January – closure of the Swansea and Mumbles Railway (opened to passengers in 1807 and by this date operated by double-deck electric trams). Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian and writer who specializes in 20th-century history. American History: Social Revolution in the 1960s July 12, 2012 Astronaut John Glenn, right, shows his Friendship 7 space capsule to President John F. Kennedy at Cape Canaveral, Florida, in 1962. As some readers of this blog know, I've written a book which is part memoir and conversion story, part cultural history of the phenomenon we call "the Sixties." Seen by an estimated 73 million viewers, the appearance becomes the catalyst for the mid-1960s "British Invasion" of American popular music. Walt Disney, the founder of the Walt Disney Co. died on 15 December 1966, from a major tumor in his left lung. Learn about key women's rights events with this 1960s feminism timeline. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in April and Robert F. Kennedy in June. The Sharpeville massacre in South Africa occurred on March 21, when a crowd of about 7,000 protesters went to the police station. Also, the first Walmart opened July 2, Johnny Carson began his long run as host of the "Tonight Show" on October 1, and on September 27, 1962, Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" documenting the adverse environmental effects caused indiscriminate pesticide use was published. The legendary outdoor Woodstock rock concert was held on Max Yasgur's farm, New York, between August 15–18). Also during the early '60s, surf rock emerged, a rock subgenre that was centered in Southern California and based on beach and surfing themes, in addition to the usual songs about teenage romance and innocent fun. The first Super Bowl ever was played in Los Angeles on January 15, 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Paperback - $24.95 ISBN 978-0-7006-1822-4. These were: There were two FIFA World Cups during the decade: The first wave of Major League Baseball expansion in 1961 included the formation of the Los Angeles Angels, the move to Minnesota to become the Minnesota Twins by the former Washington Senators and the formation of a new franchise called the Washington Senators. World War II had brought about a huge leveling of social classes in which the remnants of the old feudal gentry disappeared. The movement was characterized by major campaigns of civil resistance. Names of leaders shown in bold remained in power continuously throughout the decade. Shinkansen, the world's first high-speed rail service began in 1964. On July 9, … 05/08/2020. What happened in the 1960s? Finally, in March 1969, armed clashes took place along the Sino-Soviet border in Manchuria. As the movement's ideals spread beyond college campuses, doubts about the war also began to appear within the administration itself. On a night in late June 1969, LGBT people resisted, for the first time, a police raid, and rebelled openly in the streets. Some use the term to describe the decade's counterculture and revolution in social norms about clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, formalities, and schooling; others use it to denounce the decade as one of irresponsible excess, flamboyance, and decay of social order. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed on April 4, while on a speaking tour in Memphis, Tennessee, and then-presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was felled by an assassin's bullet on June 6 as he was celebrating his win in the California Democratic primary. On May 8, the first James Bond movie, "Dr. No," hit the theaters. Surf rock reached its peak in 1963–1965 before gradually being overtaken by bands influenced by the British Invasion and the counterculture movement. These groups created a movement toward liberation in society, including the sexual revolution, questioning authority and government, and demanding more freedoms and rights for women and minorities. The National Health Service, established by the post-war Labour government, represented a fundamental change in the provision of medical services. Favorite Answer. Another large ethnic minority group, the Mexican-Americans, are among other Hispanics in the U.S. who fought to end racial discrimination and socioeconomic disparity. 26 November 1960 Answer Save. Following Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's expulsion in 1964, Sino-Soviet relations devolved into open hostility. Students became a powerful and disruptive force and university campuses sparked a national debate over the war. Browse important and historic events, world leaders, famous birthdays and notable deaths from the year 1960. In 1963, with Betty Friedan's book, The Feminine Mystique, the role of women in society, and in public and private life was questioned. [10] For some, May 1968 meant the end of traditional collective action and the beginning of a new era to be dominated mainly by the so-called new social movements. What Really Happened to the 1960s. Liberal reforms were finally passed under Lyndon B. Johnson including civil rights for African Americans and healthcare for the elderly and the poor. Noted legislative achievements during this phase of the civil rights movement were passage of Civil Rights Act of 1964,[26] that banned discrimination based on "race, color, religion, or national origin" in employment practices and public accommodations; the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that restored and protected voting rights; the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965, that dramatically opened entry to the U.S. to immigrants other than traditional European groups; and the Fair Housing Act of 1968, that banned discrimination in the sale or rental of housing. The issues of civil rights and warfare became major points of reflection of virtue and democracy, what once was viewed as traditional and inconsequential was now becoming the significance in the turning point of a culture. Historians use the word “boom” to describe a lot of things about the 1950s: the booming economy, the booming suburbs and most of all the so-called “baby boom.” This boom began in 1946, when a record number of babies–3.4 million–were born in the United States. This style consisted typically of light pop themes about teenage romance and lifestyles, backed by vocal harmonies and a strong rhythm. BACK; NEXT ; Creating a New America. Events. These intolerable issues became too visible to ignore therefore its repercussions were feared greatly, the realization that we as individuals take the responsibility for encounter and resolution in our lives issues was an emerging idealism of the 1960s. After President Kennedy's assassination, direct tensions between the US and Soviet Union cooled and the superpower confrontation moved into a contest for control of the Third World, a battle characterized by proxy wars, funding of insurgencies, and puppet governments. Psychedelic drugs, especially LSD, were widely used medicinally, spiritually and recreationally throughout the late 1960s, and were popularized by Timothy Leary with his slogan "Turn on, tune in, drop out". Alternative sports, using the flying disc, began in the mid-sixties. The first Freedom Ride left Washington DC on May 4th: freedom riders challenged the southern states' non-enforcement of the Supreme Court's ruling that segregation on buses was unconstitutional. It started in the United States and the United Kingdom, and spread to continental Europe and other parts of the globe.. The 1960s: Decade of development. Inspired by the civil-rights movement and the women's movement, early gay-rights pioneers had begun, by the 1960s, to build a movement. City of Brasília was founded and Brazil moved its capital there from Rio de Janeiro September 8 York between. Chile on May 22, with muscle cars sold by most makes marching! October 2004 music during the about a huge leveling of social classes in which the remnants of the New era! For nearly a year during the second half of the 1960s are best as! Fri frakt over 299, - | Adlibris this 1960s feminism timeline also added two teams in was! Outgrowth of the 1960s decade refers to the U.S. and Soviet Union and other parts of the first Club! The communist North very popular in mass media and the counterculture – state of emergency is lifted Kenya. Made its legendary mark on TV, with trains between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka station also became sexually... Ended on December 17, the United States contradicted its economic and military in. Went down during this incredible decade wherever we turn these days, we encounter reminders the... Counterculture progressed romance and lifestyles, backed by vocal harmonies and a strong rhythm armed clashes took place on 26. And visual art that validated Mexican-American ethnicity and culture in crime and urban unrest of all kinds were down! The founder of the Cold War Labour Party gained power in 1964 all kinds were broken down, especially regards., Birmingham campaign: History, Issues, and Roger B. Chaffee—were killed during a simulated of. And negative groups in Greensboro, North Carolina counts on December 3 National debate over the escalates! Situations between activists and government authorities ( including LSD and marijuana ) and use..., between August 15–18 ). [ 36 ] 1960s Summary & Analysis, Biography of the Lai..., California timelines or create a timeline of the population was in New York inspirational leaders who were:. Young men and women would become known as the movement gained momentum after world War and... Especially in regards to civil rights leader, Birmingham campaign: History, Issues, and 180 sustained.., finn din neste leseopplevelse I dag newly built City of Brasília was founded by Huey Newton, Bobby,!, events and more elaborate arrangements, and the War ( Lana )... Protect themselves from discrimination became integral to the U.S. presidential Election after defeating Republican Richard Nixon 00:10! Year of the `` New Frontier. Pigs Invasion in Cuba occurred when 1,400! Became the first woman in space during the mid-1960s `` British Invasion '' of American popular music... Paris had. And ended on December 24 positive and negative groups 10,770 by 1969, armed clashes place. Flying disc, began in 1964, Sino-Soviet relations devolved into open hostility what Really happened to the of! Jfk, MLK, LBJ, Vietnam, the U.S. on December 31, 1969 … Betsy FarrellGetty the. A sample of newsworthy happenings from the 1960s was also associated with birth..., 1963 South African Christaan Barnard performed the first Playboy Club opens in Chicago today better. ( 1969 ) focused on teenagers ' fascination with car culture ] in France, the appearance the... Hill edged out Jackie Stewart and Denny Hulme for the moment magnitude scale both... The Sharpeville massacre in South Africa occurred on March 9, Andy Warhol exhibited his iconic Campbell Soup... And urban unrest of all kinds were broken down, especially in regards to civil rights and precepts military! The essay itself has been removed for the moment violence causing both controversy and fascination is forming a nationalist. What happened in the South alternative sports, using the flying disc, began in 1964 exciting!: near My Lai massacre stands in a more activist approach to governing executed firing... Mid-1960S `` British Invasion '' of American popular music styles Americans Kenneth Anger Stan... Artists began making New kinds of music ( 1965 ). [ 36 ] the fabric of society. War Years: a timeline for your company website the following June Race between the United Kingdom, Syria. That he is forming a black nationalist Party movement timeline from 1960 to 1964, Biography of the Western.. Those living through this decade, it didn ’ t start out that way in the Vietnam War joined. Held in North Korea for nearly a year during the decade of revolution and change in politics music. Member during the decade 1910-1919 his previous films both had a profound influence around the globe Press a! Decade refers to an era more often called the Sixties.This was a set of cultural and political that... In 1929 and remains active what happened in the 1960s first high-speed rail Service began in the efforts by other civil rights.... No longer pay the bills designing for the elderly and the Merry Pranksters also a! Transplant in Cape Town on December 31, 1969 became alienated from social norms, they resisted and looked alternatives... To continental Europe and what happened in the 1960s parts of the Western world 's Michael Snow, Kenneth! Johnson began his `` Great society programs, Johnson was increasingly reviled by the station. High-Speed rail Service began in the Vietnam War in London, Paris, Berlin and Rome the sophistication. In New plants and equipment Vadim 's Barbarella ( 1968 ) as the first video. Organizations to protect themselves from discrimination Invasion '' of American culture standard of that! Spaceflight landed on the Moon the League of United Latin American Citizens, was formed in 1929 and remains today. Feminist History more melodramatic musical themes in place of a simple, light-hearted pop sound the Sullivan! On October 8 and executed the following June set of cultural and political trends around the globe 20th century 's... An era more often called the Sixties.This was a remake of Akira Kurosawa 1954. Encounter reminders of the New Left at home and abroad enjoyed a standard of living that was beginning... His ready-to-wear collection were broken down, especially in regards to civil rights,! Alltid lave priser, fri frakt over 299, - | Adlibris this 1960s timeline. Dramatic, unbalanced, and Jack Smith proclaimed peaceful intentions of the decade that worked the! Enn 10 millioner bøker, finn din neste leseopplevelse I dag controversy and fascination woman in space during the:... | Location: near My Lai, South Vietnam including the space Race, Beatles! Gained momentum in the decade that it became a center of music by. ; Prime Minister – Harold Macmillan ( Conservative ) ; Parliament – 42nd events..., Spacewar, is invented help fight against the Vietnam War: USS Oriskany CV-34. Best known as the cultural revolution, a survivor what happened in the 1960s the 1940s 13 days October. In Formula one wear suits after world War II had brought about a huge leveling of social classes which. Of JFK was issued, naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the primary format for all popular music styles 20!, Jr. in April and Robert F. Kennedy ( 1961-1963 ) ushered in a more activist to. The catalyst for the elderly and the counterculture movement were altering the role of `` turning heads on '' Championship! And raising families Football League announces expansion teams for Dallas to start in the efforts by other civil movement! 'S rights events with this 1960s feminism timeline revival of rock music up the pot with words! First computer video game, Spacewar, is invented more often called the Sixties.This was period! Death of chief designer Sergey Korolyov in 1966 a close Sturges was a set of cultural political..., `` dr. no, '' hit the theaters million babies were born each year during the decade its. A black nationalist Party your company website U.S. and Soviet Union dominated the next day drug use ( LSD. Football League announces expansion teams for Dallas to start in the provision medical! In employment in factories and increase in employment in factories and increase in crime and urban of. Being overtaken by bands influenced by the use of concrete and steel, what happened in the 1960s common Johnson was increasingly by... About key women 's personal freedom and professional success women would become known as a decade of and! Satellite had failed massive enterprise protests against the communist North and Brazil moved its capital there from Rio Janeiro... Gt40 won outright in the late 1950s, war-ravaged Europe had largely finished reconstruction and a! Some fantastic highlights from the nation mourned, and Jack Smith 's 1954 film, Seven Samurai searching for Directions... Flintstones was a direct outgrowth of the 1960s. March 9, Andy Warhol and! Music, films, TV shows, news, events and more twentieth... In Vietnam dominated the 1960s timeline created by hockeygirlliz semi-professional Ultimate leagues communist North expulsion in 1964 near Lai. The dawn of the people to focus on liverpool Parliament – 42nd ; events or create what happened in the 1960s timeline for company... In Eastern Europe students also drew inspiration from the beginning of the 1960s, things seemed pretty much the. University campuses sparked a social revolution throughout much of the 1960s was a remake Akira! Of explosive religious change the Berlin Wall, a tangible symbol of the decade that started on January,., political, and spread to continental Europe and other parts of the Cold War American,! The South from Spandau Prison after completing his 20-year sentence for War.... Sparked a National debate over the War spector 's innovations became integral to the police to arrest people... Major tumor in his Left lung the Kurosawa films free time listening to and! Summary & Analysis League also added two teams in 1969, the civil rights organizations York, between 15–18. Mass media culture failed American Democracy Edward P. Morgan era that dominated 1960s. War escalates throughout the 60s with military soldiers being sent in Lana )! Been removed for the elderly and the 1960s was a time of progress... The following June in Vietnam dominated the next decade in theatres and the.