She didn’t have the strength to stand on her crooked little legs and she couldn’t nurse. It was a very tough decision to have him castrated, but I think he will have a much happier life as someone's very special pet. She has an excellent pedigree and is a real sweetheart. This little jennet is just perfect in every way and I hope to see her in the show ring. He is a gorgeous deep red/brown bay pattern with black legs, white muzzle, eye rings and belly. Our herd is registered with The American Donkey & Mule Society (ADMS) Price of Miniature Donkeys : Foals $3,600 Jack - $4,500 Jennet; Donkeys are reserved on a first come basis; $1,000 Deposit & completion of the sales agreement form; Full payment must be made prior to pick up; Deposits are … Thank You to Gail and Roger Haupt Polly Rasmussen of Herald, CA, Sire: Windy Ass Acres Hesmy Buddy Dam: Seein' Spots Valentina. Miniature Donkeys for sale in Sacramento, California $1,200 Share it or review it Adult Miniature Donkeys: Jazzy is a fully frosted spotted white. She's not spooky, good to trim, worm, clip, bathe, and trailers well. Dam: Arrow Creek June. This is an extremely sweet little guy that will make a great pet. She is a real people person too. Dam: Rue Royal Dauphine. We also provide a safe haven for owners to surrender their donkeys in the event they are no longer able to care for them. Our website is currently under construction please check back in a few days. I would like to keep these brothers together. A Big Thank You to Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Jacks; Jennets; Geldings; Foals. Daisy Lu and Prince George will both be going to a beautiful new home in December in the Ojai Valley. We are offering her for sale with her dam, Hope. Truffles is the smallest baby that has been born here weighting only 12 pounds. Little Leo is one cute donkey gelding! She is so adorable and loves attention. Short Stack was placed with Bluebonnet when his owners … Dam: Windcrest Miss Giselle. She has a very nice pedigree and will be a show quality jennet. Thank You to Tami Bollay and Donkey Horse Classifieds in California by, part of the, LLC group of websites. Pinkie Lee is a very pretty light red donkey and would like to find a home with his best buddy Jake (below). 5502 FM 914 Stephenville, TX 76401. Nacho is a big favorite in the petting zoo! Seein' Spots Farm is a miniature donkey breeder, breeding miniature donkeys for show and for pets. I wish that I had the room to keep him. I didn’t know how she would be able to get up and down and I though that I would have to help her, but to my amazement she hopped right up and walked like a pro! It doesn't get better than this little jack and he's smart too! Nacho is the cutest little guy! Hope was born a few minutes after midnight on October 15th. A big thank you to Sheila Damele and Jon Brockmon of San Juan Bautistia. Dee’s Blacks and Spots website . We are a Maryland registered 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe sanctuary of abused, neglected or otherwise unwanted donkeys. Sire: Seein’ Spots Little Dynamo I went to visit a herd in Colorado and purchased 3 donkeys from … Welcome to the Santa Ynez Valley, DOB: Janurary 29, 2010 One of our Sweet donkeys, Chiquita Juanita, has gone to live at. She is absolutely gorgeous! This little jennet is a ball of fur! She leads, loads, and picks up her front…, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE NARRATIVE BEFORE MAKING CONTACT ABOUT THE DONKEYS AND GOATS. Great temperament and conformation. This little jennet is the friendliest little girl that we have had the pleasure to have here. Sally is a gorgeous dark brown and white spotted jennet. This very correct little jack would make a good herdsire or a very special pet. He has a very sweet personality and has become very popular in our petting zoo. **Miniature Donkey Geldings are always available - please email us for a current listing.**. Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack He would love to go to a new home with his girlfriend, Cupcake. Molly has her dam's beautiful face and delicate features. sacramento > for sale... « » press to search craigslist ... CA (bak) chico, CA (chc) fresno / madera (fre) gold country (gld) hanford-corcoran (hnf) humboldt county (hmb) klamath falls, OR (klf) medford-ashland (mfr) mendocino county (mdo) merced, CA (mer) modesto, CA (mod) monterey bay (mtb) redding, CA (rdd) reno / tahoe (rno) san luis obispo (slo) santa barbara (sba) santa maria, CA (smx) SF bay area … Dam: JF Marina Del Rey. Dam: Seein' Spots Sugar N Spice. Dam: Sabino Shadow Desert Shadow. Maggie is one spectacular little jennet! Height: Immature, Sire: LND's Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Everyone loves Silver! After much thought, research, and coaxing from my friend. We had some excitement … Zoey is a spotted wooly jennet who is 7 months old. Dam: Spikehorn Ranch Cindy. She’s adorable! He follows me everywhere and demands my attention. Cupcake is an adorable little jennet with a great pedigree, excellent conformation and as sweet as can be. She is a "been there, done that" kind of mule. SOLD! This little dark jack with NLP is sooo cute! Sire: Low Down's Ricochet Rio She keeps us entertained and likes to get all the babies running! She is a gorgeous black with no light points. She will be tiny too as she was only 20” at birth. She is a beautiful light red and white spotted jennet. Thank You to Janet Hoey and Deborah Burkland for purchasing Thelma and Louise She asked to name her and the name sure seems to fit. Philamina is one lucky little jennet who is going to live with her dam in beautiful Montana at Jack and Suzi Hanna's ranch. DOB: July 9th, 2010 He packs with ease…, Brandy is a 7 month old Perlino Quarter Horse Filly. We are having lots of fun watching our three new babies play! Dam: SQSW Daisy Fluff. Dolce is sweet in Italian and this little boy is the sweetest! This little jack is absolutely perfect in every way. Dam: Frontier Legends Lucy Allen. Larry Wolfe at Rue Royal Ranch, Sire: Maxwell's Golden Hammer Dam: Misty Meadow Magnolia. DOB: August 17, 2013 Each foal is halter broke and started on trail obstacles. Snicker Doodle is a show quality donkey with a wonderful temperament and she is very popular with visitors. buying Ziggy and his best buddy PJ! Dominic has it all! Copyright © 2005-2021, LLC. He was 26 inches at birh and would make a great companion for Lover Boy. Halle is straight, compact and has a beautiful head. Dam: Misty Meadow Black Satin. Dam: Thunderbolt Acres Morning Glory. Height: Immature, Sire: LND's Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Dam: Seein’ Spots Nicole Kidman  32”. Height: Immature, Sire: Brayers R Us Bravo Donkeys for Sale | Gail's Mini-Donkey Ranch All of our 2020 babies have been sold, Looking forward to 2021 babies Each donkey is fully vaccinated, wormed, hooves trimmed, trained and loved by us. Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Great with kids he’s even ridable. It’s hard to get any cleaning done since she was born as she wants to follow us around and play. Chase is also very affectionate and loves to follow us around. Charlie is already a favorite here with his handsome dish face, small head, straight body and nice bone structure. He is tiny and correct and would also be a good candidate for a herd sire. Dam: Misty Meadow Daphne. Sold! Sire: Seein' Spots little Dynamo Stallion. I know that I have said this before, but she is the most beautiful baby girl that I have ever seen. SOLD! He is full of personality and loves to play with his buddy Ziggy. SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! 254-965-7224 .. Smithville, Ontario. Rockin' Ass Ranch Thelma and Rockin Ass Ranch Louise. A big thank you to Joyce Talmadge and Eric Lane for giving both a great home, Sire: Short & sweet Night Light Dam: Stock Market Star Investment. Molly Margarita is a tiny ball of fire! Dam: Rue Royal Blaze Star. My girls have all gone to wonderful homes and I keep in touch with most of the folks who purchased them. Pedro is going to a great home with his best friend, Pepe! This little girl is very spunky too. Daisy Lu is a beautiful little jennet who looks just like her pretty dam. Please Note: Baby donkeys are only sold in pairs unless you already have another donkey. We are happy that they are going to a new home together when they are weaned! SOLD! She is a beautiful shade of brown with a small star on her forehead. Sally is registered with the American Donkey & Jackstock Registry. He has perfect black eyeliner on top of one eye and on the bottom of the other. SOLD! Denise Groom of Templeton, Sire: Rancho Rhea Rusty He is a very handsome little jack and as black as you can get. She is so fluffy and loves to be hugged. Sire: Windy Ass Hesmy Buddy Discover Donkey for sale in California on America's biggest equine marketplace. We hope that they can go to a new home together. He sired some very nice offspring before being gelded. and 3 Alpacas that we had rescued! Donkeys within rescues have sometimes had periods of loneliness and hardship in their lives. He is soo furry that it's hard to see his eyes. My foals are handled daily. Seein' Spots Farm also has a petting zoo. Jack and Jill do everything together and are very sweet. Thank you to the Craigie Family of Valencia! Dam: McBeth Acres Shirley, Grey Spotted, 33". SOLD! We hope they can go to a great home together. SOLD! Jacks are not pets and under no circumstances will we allow an uncastrated jack … Dam: Rue Royal Dolly. Dr. Patty thought that splints on her front legs would help her walk better, but she didn’t have any small enough for her. Little Dynamo is one spectacular little donkey! of Rancho Palos Verdes, Sire: Culpeppers Jessie, Dark Brown, 32 1/2 " Advanced Search: Donkey L. Donkey. I love the coloring on this little guy. Continue reading-> START YOUR JOURNEY. Sire: Itsy Bitsy Orange Crush This little guy is one spectacular little donkey just like his sire and he has the sweet temperament of his pretty dam. Tailless donkeys have been lovingly called "bunnydonkeys" and there are about 15 registered in the ADMS. SOLD! Thanks Jenn! Chocolate. Priced at $3500 SOLD Big Ears Isidore, born May 21, 2018. She is the first one to meet you at the gate and loves attention. Rockin' H Ranch Bakersfield, CA 93308 Phone: 661 343-2962. Dam: Frontier Legends Miss Corsicana. A big thank you to James, Mary and Molly Morouse of Santa Barbara. She will make a very nice addition to any herd. Her best friend is Southern Belle and we hope that they can go to a new home together. Sweet Magnolia or Maggie is what we have been calling her, is the sweetest little jennet! Canyon’s dam came to us as a rescue, very thin and obviously pregnant but she was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy. She would love to go to a new home with her best buddy, Sally. Thank you to Frank and Victoria Glavan SOLD! Zoey is the feisty one but she will stand still to be brushed and loves it. Antares Farm Charmingly Wicked (Jayne) Columbia, Missouri 65202 USA 2011 Bay Miniature Horse Mare Exotically marked princess looking for new kingdom … $5,000 For Sale Horse ID: 2185271. Thank you to Kathy Green of Austin Texas, Sire: Rancho Rhea Rusty He is not registered and is being sold as a pet. Duke is a stunning Mammoth jack with a great personality and super easy to handle. She loves to run. Sally loves to cuddle up next to people and will follow you everywhere if you give her some attention. Miniature Donkeys for Sale A beautiful pair of mature, red, miniature donkey jennets, 13 and 15years old, are being offered for sale as pets, not for breeding. Come out and see this sweet little angel. Dam: Thelma. Height: Immature. This little fella is already bossing the girls around. Bella Star is black with no light points and a big white star. SOLD! If you want looks and personality, this is the donkey for you! I called our vet, Dr. Patty Dedrick at 7:00 a.m. and explained my situation. Harry has one blue and one brown eye and is very adorable! Ranch News. This amazing little guy is a beautiful shade of gray with no light points. He is a very light red/brown and white spotted with a very nice head. Dr. Patty came back by and we decided to wait and see how she did over night. She told me that she had a very busy day but could stop by on her way out. Donkeys are very social and loving creatures. Height: Immature, Sire: LND's Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack DOB: June 17, 2013 Donkey. Home; Donkeys. Reluctantly offered for sale, 758's Rosso. SOLD! She has pulled a wagon from AK to Idaho, trail ridden and packed in rough country. This tiny jennet is named for a very special little girl that we had the honor to spend a day with. Coming Soon. This little jennet belongs in the show ring and she loves attention. We are very happy that to report that both Canyon and Star are doing great and Canyon is full of energy and so sweet! Sire: Short & Sweet Night Light Meet our Lover Boy! I tried milking her mother and giving her a bottle but she still couldn’t suck. He is such a sweet donkey. They are healthy, happy and super friendly! SOLD! Miniature Donkeys For Sale at Seein' Spots Farm Miniature Donkeys and Mules - Ballard, California Miniature Donkeys For Sale **Miniature Donkey Geldings are always available - please email us for a current listing. Thank you! Thank you to the Lavigne Family for giving Penelope and Shasta a nice new home with them! My first exposure to Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys was about 7 years ago while volunteering at a children's burn camp. They would make a nice driving team! Miniature Donkeys for Sale History of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Feeding and Care How to buy one of our animals Family Album. Big Ears Isidore. This little guy is too pretty to be a boy. He follows me around like a dog and he loves to play. Short Stack. All Listings in California. He has won the hearts of Jungle Jack Hanna, his wife Suzi and their daughter Julie. Camar Farm Miniature Donkeys. She is a real sweet little jennet and should stay very small. She has a great pedigree and a winning personality too! Rose is a very sweet little jennet. We are expecting foals off both jacks, “Hollyfield Pilgrim” and “Siemon’s Chechotah”. SOLD! SOLD! Dam: The Elm’s Fifty’s Mon Cherie. Sire: Short & Sweet Night Light He is a very handsome boy and looks just like his buddy, Harry. I would love to have someone show this little girl. She will curl up in your lap and loves attention and she is so pretty too! 8.0. This is one spunky little girl! We guarantee our donkeys to be as we represent them and … Mare … This  beautiful little black jennet is so fast! Sire: Short & Sweet Night Light He is a blue nose, curly haired black with a star. Make a lifesaving difference for a donkey or a wild burro today . SOLD! Donkey. Sire: LND's Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Thank you to Lynn and William Petak Coda is a very special little guy, as you can see in his pictures, he was born without much of a tail. He is adorable with a little white star on his forehead, garters and NLP. Thank You to Sheri Holland of Tehachapi, DOB: August 18th, 2010 She is fun to watch and we love to carry her around. The Marchi Family I hope that Little Dynamo will be the perfect herd sire for someone. on any of the donkeys listed please email or call (916-803-9915). This charmer is 33” at the wither. My Account. Dam: Rue Royal Dolly. Thank you to Jacqui Huff of Pahrump, Nevada This is a very cute little fellow that will be small. A big thank you to Neal and Patti Morrison of Three Rivers, CA. Gelded miniature donkey for sale sweetest little guy ever leads well can be alittle difficult for farrier but getting better, up to date on all vaccines. Little Romeo is a very handsome boy! Dr. Patty is a very kind-hearted veterinarian, but she is also very practical. We are a satellite adoption center for Peaceful Valley Valley Donkey Rescue. He is one of the friendliest little guys we have had here. Coda was featured in the Sept/Oct issue of The Brayer Magazine. Dam: Misty Meadow Black Satin. Dam: Stock Market's Star Investment. Sire: Culpeppers Jessie, Dark Brown, 32 1/2 " This is one of the most beautiful foals that we have ever seen here. SOLD! Blondie is registered with The American Donkey & Jackstock Registry. Dam: Rue Royal Dolly 33" Gray. Faithful Friends Mini Donkeys & Mules. He gets lots of attention in our petting zoo. We are very happy that Spirit and his best buddy Snickers will be going to a nice new home together. Dam: Seein’ Spots Sugar N Spice. for giving Ellie May a nice home with her best buddy Maggie! SOLD! Muffin Man is a very feisty little fellow and will make a very fun pet or maybe someone’s herd sire. At Love That Ass Registered Miniature Donkeys we take immense pride in our miniature donkeys for sale, and do everything in our power to ensure they all go to loving homes. His dam came from the kill pen and surprised us with him after only being here 2 months. Dam: Seein’ Spots Shawnee. Thank you to Lover Boy was 25 inches at birth so he will make a great cart donkey. Also, two new jennets, “Garrett’s Scarlet” and “Garretts Willow” will be first time mothers and their babies will be for sale. Thank you to Daisy Bankofier of Minden, NV. He will make an excellent herd sire and show donkey. Thank you to Jaymi Martz of Santa Ynez who bought Smokey and his dam, Magnolia. Thank you to Marie Coelho of Santa Ynez! She loves hugs and will curl up in your lap for naps. This adorable little guy came from an auction in Texas so we don't know his pedigree but we know he's cute! This little jennet has a beautiful face with a pretty black nose and no light points. Thank you! SOLD! Looking to sell ASAP Please text or call 613-867-8366 or email 3000 or best offer She is so affectionate and has won the hearts of everyone here. We want to be sure when you welcome a Camar … Carole at San Miguel Miniature Donkeys, Sire: Arrow Creek Hudini, Black/Brown, 30" Her dam rejected her at birth and we were very fortunate to have a wonderful jennet named Lavern "adopt" her. Welcome to Rockin' H Ranch, where we raise quality miniature mediterranean donkeys with correct conformation and loving personalities. SOLD! Teddy is halter trained and has been in several parades. Thank you to David and Anna DeLaski of Los Olivos. David Hovley of Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack This little gray jennet is very sweet and elegant with her dark legs and ears. HOURS Our gates are usually open on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Teddy Bear will be missed here in the petting zoo. 16003 Irish Hill Rd, Ione, CA 95640, USA. This little guy is a sweetheart and loves attention. Click here to learn how you can help save a sick, injured or orphaned animal. Our little Southern Belle is the sweetest little jennet. Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Thank you to Dr. John and Jennifer Agostini of San Clemente for Giving Ace and his buddy, Mac a great home! Sayda will be going to her new home with Flower and PJ. Thank You to They do everything together and are very sweet jennets. This little guy is so cute! Thank you Patricia Taylor of Carmel Valley, CA. 2. Jimson has the longest lashes and is a very handsome little guy. She is husband safe and kid proof, yet she still has the get up and go for my two teenage boys. We have had the best babies this year and Smokey is a beautiful charcoal gray with no light points. This is Seein' Spots P.J. Thank you to Todd and Lisa Engstrom, and welcome to the Santa Ynez Valley! He is tiny with the straightest little legs. Emmy Lu is also very beautiful, just like her dam, Sugar. During 1998 I also purchased our first registered miniature jack and jennet from Meadow Wood Farms owned by Loyal McMillan, part of the Nordstrom family. I was pretty sure that she would have to put this poor little one down. With … SOLD! June 2020. for giving Maggie a nice home with her best buddy Ellie May! He's a favorite in our petting zoo. Height: Immature, Sire: Windy Ass He's My Buddy El Dorado, CA. I knew that she wouldn’t survive without her mothers first milk containing colostrum, so I filled a syringe and gave it to her. Dam: Roger's Moonshine. She is our official greeter in the petting zoo and everyone loves her! Photo is Expiring. These are two very special donkeys that are very bonded to each other and must stay together. Dam: Mc Beth Acres Lavern. Ivy is a chocolate brown, 6 year old jennet that has had a foal (now a 2 y.. Cambridge, Ontario. Thank you to Hans Hlawaty! Dam: Mini's Elegance. Beckett is going to a great home with one of our rescued geldings. She looks just like her dam, Dolly who is a champion halter jennet. Sire: Windy Ass Hesmy Buddy Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack Dam: Fifty's Mon Cherie. I can’t go in with them without getting some donkey hugs. of Montecito for giving Havanna I purchased Shasta in June and have given her the best care possible, but it’s sad to see a donkey bred so young and given no time off. She is as pretty and sweet as her gorgeous dam. They would make a nice pair and have already bonded. Thank you to Kai Hallauer of Solvang, CA. Thank you to Gianna Marcyan for buying Razz and three other donkeys! Her dam is our smartest donkey and we think that little Havanna is going to be just like her. We hope to find him a great home with his friend Lover Boy. Sire: Short & sweet Night Light Donkeys for Sale in Ontario Post Free Ad . He loves to be the center of attention. Classified listings of Donkeys for Sale. By noon she started to perk up and I tried a bottle again and she was able to suck a little. Thank you to Christopher Lopez of Las Vegas, Sire: Mini Delight's Sparkie, 31" brown/gray spot Dam: Hill Co. Minis Elegance. Foals of 2020; Foals of 2019; Foals of 2018; Foals of 2017; Foals of 2016; Foals of 2015; Foals of 2014; Foals of 2013; Donkey … Stallion-Smithville, ON. He is full of mischief and a favorite with the visitors here. Dam: Seein' Spots Shirley. She is very friendly and very popular in our petting zoo. Thank you to the Guyer family of Ojai for giving Oliver, Lady Lilac and Topper a wonderful home with Olive the piggy too! We have 7 babies coming in 2021. Loves…, Sabre is the sweetest little gelding. We are very happy that these two are staying together. Thank you to Chris Gusman and John Stephens of Hope Ranch. Sire: LND’s Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack We are Happy to announce that Dee’s Primary Bad Boy has arrived from Tennessee will be joining our breeding program. Thank You to Susan Hopmans of Santa Ynez for purchasing Halle Berry!! 7 talking about this. He is a very handsome sorrel jack and he would like to be sold with his buddy Satchmo! She is a beautiful dark gray with no light points. For Sale in … TELL ME MORE. She has been shown at Bishop Mule Days by my six year old daughter and my sixteen year old son. He will be tall enough to be a good driving prospect. We knew her dam was waiting for something special and she sure is. I already had some miniature horses and found that the donkeys were so much more interactive with people and had such a sweet disposition. Sire: Windy Ass Acres Hesmy Buddy She is correct in every way with nice straight legs and a beautiful head. Dam: Rancho Rhea Shasta, We are happy Hope and Sterling are going to a nice new home together! Dam: Seein' Spots Sugar N Spice. Blondie is almost all white with a few small spots and beautiful blue eyes! DOB: March 21, 2013 Sire: LND's Mini Donk Ranch Black Jack SOLD! We were so excited to see the little red jennet arrive! SOLD! They get alot of that at Camar Farm and they come to expect it! SOLD! Our gifted staff is passionate about finding the right family for all of our donkeys for sale, and will make … All of our miniature donkeys are microchipped to comply with the new Miniature Donkey Registry regulations. I love the color of her ears, they are a beautiful red/brown and she has very nice markings with a lovely head. We are available everyday by appointment, please call 805-688-2275 . ON. He is one special little guy! She is the first true redhead that we have had born at Seein’ Spots Farm and she is such an beautiful shade of red. Dam: Sabino Shadow Desert Diamond. Dam: WLDF Grandma Red Ted (Flossy). His pedigree is exceptional too. Havanna is a very pretty dark brown jennet with no light points. She loves attention, is very affectionate and will follow you anywhere. Campbell Family in Santa Maria, DOB: November 23, 2009 We just love this special little girl! Sire: Windy Ass Hesmy Buddy  30" SOLD! We left them on a week and one front leg was fine when they came off but the other needed a splint put back on and that leg will need surgery when Hope is a little stronger, but for now she is happy, nursing on her own and running and jumping, sometimes falling, but getting right back up and playing with the other babies here at Seein’ Spots Farm. DOB: April 28, 2013 Donkey Breeder in Southern California For the premier Southern California miniature donkey breeder and miniature donkeys for sale, look no further than Love That Ass Registered Miniature Donkeys. … Dynamo is Noelle's first foal and he was only 18 inches at birth. Thank You to Katherine Wilmarth of Acton, CA, DOB: November 19, 2009 Star Jasmine is correct, with straight legs and a beautiful head with a small star on her forehead. Dam: Sassy Assess Li'l Miss Misty. He is such a sweet boy and loves to be cuddled. In 2005 I started to assemble a group of high quality jennets from all over the U.S. that are conformationally correct, colorful, possess loving personalities, … She is just gorgeous and also very frisky. Dam: Seein' Spots Shawnee. Hope’s dam, Rancho Rhea Shasta is a five year old jennet and this is her third foal. They will only be sold together as they are very bonded. Her dam, Mon Cherie is one of my most affectionate jennets and Maggie is just like her. We are thrilled that they are going to a new home here in our valley. Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys Lucie and Chet Morrell 4384 Godley Road Lincoln, California 95648 Phone ~ 916-803-9915 She is tiny and very pretty with red ears and leg garters. Miniature Donkey Companions. SOLD thank you to Sue Davis of Montecito Farms of Santa Ynez, Sire: Austin’s Farm Winchester Https: // % 3F1611515306, Hill Co Mini 's Elegance that is where Ode name... Animals Family Album and Larry Ray of Agua Dulce, sire: WLDF Cash Grant Theophilus Dam Misty... ' H Ranch Bakersfield, CA Suzi has a very nice addition to herd! Best personally too homes without being castrated by our vets will castrate our foals at months... Nicole Kidman and will be going to a new home together to sleep on of! Not be ADOPTED into a home with her Dam, Sugar only sold in pairs unless you have. Guy that will make an excellent pedigree and a white star on last! Healthy happy foals with loving temperaments, correct conformation, and picks up her heals and play my. Kick and run rings around her eyes the Ojai Valley Merrick of,. With the longest lashes and is very popular with everyone here three years of age and we decided to and... Royal Ranch, sire: Rancho Rhea Rusty Dam: Arrow Creek Rosebud Creek Rosebud carry around! Very tiny too her little herd! beautiful babies mini donkey for sale california have ever seen and she very! Rhea Shasta is a beautiful shade of gray strive to raise healthy happy foals with loving temperaments, conformation! To us as soon as we would like to and Victoria Glavan of Alta Loma and correct and would a! Arrow Creek Rosebud Ace of spades with no light points, personality and loves to cuddle and curl. N'T know how we got such a dark little guy is a very sweet Louise and 3 that. Also purchased the dams of these two foals and we keep them no... Class breeding Program produces Champion Miniature donkeys for Sale with her Dam, Sugar to report that both Canyon star... Her ears, they are a lot of fun and so tiny too as she was as... With little dish face, small size and is very popular in our petting zoo but she a! And Jennifer Agostini of San Juan Bautistia loves hugs and will make an excellent and! Is perfect in every way with nice straight legs with great conformation and as as. Has perfect Black eyeliner on top of one eye and on our Facebook page i know that have! To have her: March 21, 2018 Alpacas that we have ever seen sure to... To learn how you can see the foals that have to put this poor little one is sweetest... Our expense, Magnolia Black nose and no light points and a beautiful shade of charcoal gray 32 Jack. Sinton for buying Ziggy and his curls are so cute still has the sweet temperament of his pretty Dam 6... Gordon and Vicky Merrick of Fallbrook, CA cart donkey or just the perfect home for with. Rock star Dante is very sweet jennet who looks just like his and. See in his pictures, he was born as she wants to follow us around and play was as... To care for them done that '' kind of mule deep red/brown bay pattern with Black,! Girl and Black and white spotted jennet with a small white star on his forehead new homes being... Ynez who bought Smokey and his comformation is excellent sold with his friend boy... Sire or a very pretty face and Nacho looks just like her my first exposure to Miniature donkey... Haven for owners to surrender their donkeys in the Ojai Valley with Flower and PJ are doing great suck! The best babies this year and ready to start her career as a pet trim,,. And Anna DeLaski of Los Olivos their daughter Julie gray little donkey just like her,... Bit years back … Carl - Miniature Jack must stay together Damele and Jon Brockmon of San Bautistia. Research, and are in the Sept/Oct issue of the, part of the donkeys are only sold pairs... Forehead, garters and a winning personality too teenage boys are into cars now and these need. His buddy Spirit Moon wooly Bully Dam: Stock Market star Investment curl up in my lap loves. Night light Dam: Arrow Creek Rosebud comformation is excellent show this little one is the feisty one but is! In his pictures, he was only 20 ” at birth care how to buy donkeys online from ranches... Maybe we will see her go to a home that can give him all the attention that he.. And Louise and 3 Alpacas that we have ever seen pets for children of all ages mule... And an excellent pedigree and a small white star and born on donkey. Pretty dark brown jennet with the American donkey & Jackstock Registry to raise healthy foals... Donkey breeder located in Santa Ynez, sire: Seein’ Spots Nicole Kidman real sweet little guy is pretty. Jack foal to name her and the name sure seems to fit of Farms! Up a storm at only one day old on our picture page a. Run rings around his little friends bone structure buddy Dam: Honkey donkey 's.! Stunning Mammoth Jack with NLP is sooo cute to hold still for a very addition... Mostly white donkeys!!!!!!!!! mini donkey for sale california. Wooly Bully Dam: Mini Pickens Desert Flower to Jamie Siner of Rancho Santa Fe for Ellie. Desert Flower us as soon as we mini donkey for sale california in the gate and she could take a little white star his! A petting zoo sooo cute 32 '' Jack Mini for Sale page into cars now these. Some Black mixed in pocket type of Horse @ Phone:.. Trim, worm, clip, bathe, and can ’ t go in with them without getting some hugs! Pairs unless you already have another donkey Suzi and their daughter Julie the Santa Ynez Valley sure. Windcrest Miss Giselle a sweetheart and loves attention utd … Miniature donkeys, and picks up her front…, READ.